January Reflection


Hi Sunshines,

With a new year, many of us set goals and resolutions after reflecting back on the past year. Yet throughout the new year, we (well… I can’t say for everyone, but me in particular) can lose sight and track of these as we are busy with our day to day lives and well... eventually say “fuck it let’s do better next year” and this endless cycle continues.


I’ve always set a few new year resolutions but, over the years, never took them too seriously as I knew I would end up at same situation and have the same mentality.


2017 was a weird year for me. Not the worst year, but definitely not a good year either. Just a bit… off. You know how you go through that awkward phase in high school that you don’t really want to remember? Well that, in a way, is what 2017 felt like to me; necessary but not fun (I’m a firm believer of the mentality “if you don’t know the bad, you don’t know the good” Oh and p.s. I don’t know if people still go through those awkward phases these days, with social media and all, but I, for sure, had a phase like that).


Towards the end of 2017, I took a lot of time to reflect on my personal development, something I value that no one can ever take away from me. I looked at the general things like where I am now, what I want to do, where I want to be; but also, my approach towards relationship with my friends, family, my partner; my health; time management etc.


This period allowed me to put things into better perspective that I had completely lost sight over in the past few years. A clearer perspective that showed me how important it is to reflect if you want to grow and become the best and happiest person you can be.


So naturally, I set myself a few resolutions because what’s the point of reflecting if you don’t want to see where you can improve and work on, right? I approached my resolutions differently this year. Rome wasn’t built in a day; neither can I change my life once the clock strikes 12.


I broke my new year resolutions down into quarterly goals and took January as a buffer month; A month where I didn’t make too many drastic changes but just kept my goals in mind and examine at the end which areas I need to focus on the most. As each month progresses, I will reflect and adjust my quarterly goals if needed; to make my lifestyle changes as sustainable and realistic as can be. This way, I can focus on different goals next year and break that cycle.


This year I had two sets of 3 goals; my personal ones and ones that I made together with my partner. I was contemplating whether to put them in here, but well… why not, at least this will hold me more accountable; perhaps can help you personally; and give you insight on who I am as a person. To avoid this post becoming very long, I’ll only write my personal goals and how I'm working on them; and maybe in February’s end of month reflection I’ll write the other goals.


Personal Goals

1. Consistency


You’d probably know that posting consistently has been an issue for me. Consistency is in all aspects of my life is something I need to work on. I’ve never truly had a proper routine especially when it comes to work / life balance (I guess this is what being used to shift work does to you, though I am not giving this as an excuse and solely blame my poor time management skills).

How am I working on this?

Despite me being a night owl, I’ve changed my sleeping pattern so that during the week I make sure I’m up and had my coffee by 6 am latest. During the weekend, I gave myself till 9 am (though, now I naturally wake up before that). Besides the two days where I was sick in bed, January has been successful.

In February, I’m working on my daily schedule. I’ve set a schedule for my day to day life and will batch things together on days, e.g. writing posts for the week all in one day. However, I’m still figuring out what the best schedule for me is.  This is still a challenge (as you can see, since I’ve written this post more than a week ago for January 31st but it’s only going up now), but with continued use of bullet journaling and slowly getting used to a routine and tweaking it if something isn't right, I hope and trust that by the end of February, I have found a routine that I can get accustomed to.



2. Organisation

Here’s the thing; since consistency is an issue for me, organisation is a hot mess as well. For example, one day I will properly sort all my photos into folders and then two weeks later it’s a complete mess again. Same goes for almost anything like cleaning my closet or apartment.

How am I working on this?

Throughout January I’ve pretty much sorted through everything; my kitchen, makeup, digital files etc. Especially when it comes to digital organisation, I’ve learned that sometimes having too many folders is not a good thing either. I also separated my daily uses of things from makeup products to digital documents so that it’s easily accessible and practical.  All things considered, I'm more of a "function over form" type of person.

In February, since I’m setting my schedule, I’ve allocated my time to do mundane organisational daily and weekly tasks to help me stay organised. One thing I definitely need to focus on is organising when to do chorus vs work as these things easily get blurred if you’re working from home. Also in February, to help with both my consistency and organisation I’m testing out co – working spaces. Not only can this help with these areas, but also build my network.     



3. Better Content


One thing I’ve discovered over the past year, is that I want to focus my time on becoming a better creative individual, i.e. taking better photos, making better videos; basically seeing life in a different angle and to keep challenging myself to learn and grow in this field day by day.


How am I working on this?

I’ve never really been a big sharer and social media user throughout my life and only made a personal IG account at the end of 2016 because I needed to know how it worked for my job at that time (Seriously, I didn’t even know how to post a photo on IG until last year and needed help from my coworker that was in his 40s, I'm actually pretty embarrassed about that). Facebook is something that I don’t really open and only use the messenger app to keep in-touch with long distance friends. Also, I’m very camera shy. However, I know I need social media as a tool to engage with you guys and it allows me to post the different types of content that I create. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I’ve been trying to post daily stories since mid January in a more edited way than how you’d use Snapchat for example. While this does take a chunk of time away from my day, I do learn something new about editing and practice this skill on a daily basis. I do enjoy making these types of videos so I will continue to do this throughout February, so that I can make this a consistent part of my day. Sure, the videos won't always be good, but consistency is key here to improve. If there is any type of content that you prefer to see on my stories let me know, because thinking about what to film daily can at times be a bit mentally draining.

Also, I’ve been posting a lot more “selfies” on Instagram, these two combined allow me to become more confident in front of the camera, become better as a whole on social media and in the end also allows me to create better content.


I know I’ve been putting out there that I want to post beauty videos on Youtube. Believe it or not, I’ve made probably around 20 videos that I’ve never posted because I was either too shy in the end to show it and didn’t like the how it looked all together.

However, this is something that I want to change as well in February; now that I’m slowly becoming a more confident person in front of a lens. In January, I was still hesitant and while I did film, I didn’t post anything because I allowed myself to give the excuse that I still needed to find the proper lighting as I was not happy with the content produced. I’ve finally ordered a ring light on Amazon (which I was very hesitant about because I prefer shopping in person but couldn’t find any that beat their price and it will arrive late Feb, so no more excuses for me!)


Peter Mckinnon posted a video a few days ago, shown below. This video really spoke to me and that’s where I’ll end this post while I continue to work on my goals because done is better than perfect. 



Did you guys set yourself new year resolutions? How are they going?