2017 Favourites


Hello Sunshines! In follow up of my 2017 Beauty Favourites, today’s post will be my general 2017 Favourites. I’ve categorised it into Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Miscellaneous, so without further a due here goes.



How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Considering that I could count the number of rom-coms I’ve watched before 2017 on one hand, I’m not much of a romantic nor a movie watcher altogether, but the past year was the year of rom-coms for me. Still isn’t my favourite genre, but I’ve managed to pretty much watch the most popular ones on Netflix. The one I’m going to remember the most? How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days… Though utterly predictable, I was enticed throughout the movie with laughter and great onscreen chemistry. Oh and the plants I have at home, are officially being referred to as “Love Ferns”.



Tv Shows

While movies aren’t up my street, a solid, well-written TV show with witty banter and a bit of darker drama can completely suck me in as I binge watch episode after episode for days. My initial list of favourite shows was way too long and some of them would have been mentioned in my quarterly favourites, so I forced myself to only pick the best 5 that I only discovered the past year (and since then watched up until the latest season). Being that this was extremely hard for me, I did want list my  remaining top 10 as honourable mentions and if you're interested, you can click the title for the trailer. 





1.     Good Place [ 2 Seasons ]

This year, the best TV show that I’ve surprisingly discovered has to go to The Good Place. An extremely well-written script with humour and unexpected plot twists that keeps you solidly entertained throughout the show. While the episodes are only 20 – 30 minutes and a season is only 13 episodes long, The Good Place is the only TV show with episodes that I watch immediately once it’s out.


2.     Black Mirror [ 4 Seasons ]

If you don’t like dark satirical TV shows with subliminal meaning, you will absolutely hate this. If not, you might have seen this show and actually thought... what the fuck did I just watch. Well, at least that was what I thought and everyone else I’ve personally spoken about it with. But if you haven’t then let me give you a quick introduction – Each episode is a stand-alone episode, thus are completely unrelated to one another, so you could watch it in any order and the series is based on what our lives could look like in the future; if we’re not careful with our technological dependency. And though I don’t want to scare you away from watching the show, I will advise to mentally prepare.


3.     The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story [ 1 Season ]

Before this show, I knew vaguely of the OJ Simpson Case but not really how it all went down or how popular he actually was. While I obviously know that this show might not have portrayed the case in its entirety based on facts, it did give me somewhat of an indication on his popularity. Truth be told, I was not very interested in watching this show but as my boyfriend was watching it in the background I actually became hooked. It’s overall very well done and the actors did a phenomenal job.


4.     Luther [ 4 Seasons ] 

Luther, a British Crime drama is about a detective named… Luther that deals with the emotional dilemma of his job played by Idris Elba #mancrush. One reason why I generally prefer watching British TV shows over American ones, is because a. the humor and b. the setting is portrayed in a more realistic manner. Luther is just that, no overproduced Hollywood fluff where the good guys always end up saving the day, but in essence a much more realistic setting.


5.     The Sinner [ Mini Series ] 

I was very intrigued when I saw the trailer of The Sinner on Netflix and well… I ended up binge-watching this 8-episode miniseries in a day. The cinematography and script will get you drawn in completely after the first episode and as the story continues to unravel, I’m sure you will be as intrigued and shocked by the whole story line as I was.


Honorable Mentions


6.   Billions
7.    Blacklist
8.   Bates Motel
9.    How To Get Away With Murder
10.  Gotham




Surprisingly last year I have neither listened nor discovered much new music, which as someone that even likes to play music while she showers, is a bit odd. Looking back at my playlists, I do have two new artists I discovered in 2017 that I have been listening to nonstop. Lewis del Mar; an alternative rock duo from the States, and Glass Animal; a British indie band. Other than that, most other music in the playlists are from different artist mainly discovered from the TV show Suits and Lucifer.







Not the alcoholic ones. I’m a massive coffee drinker, I like a strong black coffee and Starbucks makes quite frankly shit coffee (#sorrynotsorry to all you that love your Starbucks coffee – I do at times go there for, what I call, a “dessert” coffee since it’s the only coffee shop that has chains all around HK). So anyway, with that said, I take my coffee seriously and in the past year my parents gave me a Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine since I was tired of shitty Starbucks coffee and thus I was in need of one.

Turns out, these capsules for a machine are incredibly pricey especially if you drink cup after cup before noon. Also, my local supermarket doesn’t sell the coffee capsule that I like and ordering online is just a pain for me so I needed an alternative. And yes, I (re)discovered my favourite instant coffee of all time; Davidoff Instant Coffee and Espresso. Despite it being an instant coffee, it’s the nearest alternative I’ve found, taste wise, to freshly ground black coffee. If you don’t like a strong coffee taste, you might not like this, but if you’re a coffee lover like me, then do this give a go. Now, you might argue that the price is slightly more expensive than coffee capsules, but you get a lot more for your dollar and it tastes way better. So definitely worth it.


Staying on the topic of drinks, if you couldn’t tell already, I’m very picky. So when I do find drinks that I love, I just feel the need to share and I had to share one more favourite from 2017; Celsius fitness drink. The company claims that you can burn up to 100 calories more with exercise and gives you extra energy. I think the first claim is complete bullocks but I haven’t done much research on it either. The second claim, that it gives you energy, I feel is to a certain extent true, I do always feel energised afterwards; making this a healthier alternative to say, Red Bull. But really, I drink it ‘cause I genuinely like the taste of it.  I’m not a fan of “heavy” drinks (probably not the best description but something like a juice or latte) or carbonated drinks so this was a good find as it’s very light with a little flavour. The first can I had was probably about 5 months ago and tasted a bit strange at first. In a way I had to get used to the taste but since then I’ve drinking one can every day.



Apple Products

While contemplating whether to mention this or not, as I don’t want to sound like I’m braggy in any way, I have decided that I will put my MacBook and iPhone in my favourites, because they are items that I use the most, every single day and are truly well-loved products. The reason in particular I’m mentioning this is because I switched to iOS this year and will do a “the struggles of switching to iOS” type post later this month where I will talk about all the pros and cons of these two products.




I was never really a plant person and throughout 2017 have learned that I’m just overall not a nature person and probably will only survive in cities. But, 2017 was the year I bought my first plant (well, 2 plants). Yes, two love ferns that are still well maintained in my household and are not dying! I’m very proud, given that I never expected for them to still be alive. Also, I realised this year that plants aren’t cheap especially when you consider the pots as well -_-“. Being that I’m constantly surrounded by skyscrapers and am mostly at home, I’ve learned that a plant or two can definitely bring some mental peace in your surroundings, brings a room together and that really.. it doesn’t take much maintenance at all. So if you’ve ever been wanting a plant then I can totally vouch that it’s a good idea to get one.



This post ended up a lot longer than I intended but this concludes my favourites of 2017. It’s been a hell of a year with many highs and lows, uncertainty and anxiety, and lastly rediscovered products in both this post and my beauty post. I’m really looking forward to 2018 with much inspiration and many new posts coming your way.