Bath and Body Works Haul - Macau Edition

Last weekend my boyfriend and I spontaneously decided to go to Macau for a getaway weekend and so I had to stop by the Bath and Body Works store to stock up on some candles while I was there since they don’t have a store in Hong Kong. I’m a huge fan of lighting candles in the evening, they just bring a nice moody ambiance and of course make your home smell amazing. So today, a haul post on the items I bought.




The main purpose of visiting the store was obviously to buy candles and as they had a discount running, buy 4 3-wick candles for HK$600 [ USD 77 / GBP 58 ], I of course had to get four. The candles normally run for HK$218 [USD 28 / GBP 21 ] per candle (though I think in the US they run for about US$24) so not necessarily the cheapest candle out there but not overly expensive either, especially since they have around a 30 to 45 hour burning time and are very fragrant. Hong Kong apartments aren’t that big so these candles do really make my entire apartment smell amazing.


SamHodgett_Lifestyle_BBW Haul__2.jpg

1.     Sweet Pea

This was the first candle I picked out and has a sweet with a slight raspberry scent to it, it is pretty fragrant in the jar but as much when lit, just enough to make the room smell of it. I'm pretty sure this scent was the longest running one as of yet, I believe they brought it out in early 2000s. 

SamHodgett_Lifestyle_BBW Haul__3.jpg

2.     Magic in the Air

Smelling this candle in store it was very fragrant and has a sweet vanilla and light floral scent to it. It was the first candle I lit up at home and does take about an hour or so before you can smell it indoors but it does smell so good afterwards, it has that almost expensive scent to it that you can find in higher end department stores. I love the packaging on this one, it somehow reminding me of Christmas already.


SamHodgett_Lifestyle_BBW Haul__1.jpg

3.     Hello Beautiful

My boyfriend picked out this scent, it’s very fresh and floral and reminds me of spring/summer time. I personally wouldn’t have picked this but glad that he did as the more I smell it, the more I’m loving it.



SamHodgett_Lifestyle_BBW Haul__4.jpg

4.     Stress Relief Eucalyptus Tea

There were a few special candles for stress relief, relaxation and other specific areas to focus on, but out of all that were in store, my boyfriend and I preferred this one the most. There were a few that smelled pretty bad actually. This honestly smells like you’re walking into a spa, so I can’t wait to try this one out.







SamHodgett_Lifestyle_BBW Haul__10.jpg

1.     Bath Fizzy

HKD 82 [ USD 10.50 / GBP 7.90 ]

I have never tried a bath fizzy or bath bomb so when I saw it at the check out counter it was definitely an impulse purchase. I do find that it was a bit pricey for a one-time use item, so I will save it for a special moment. I don’t often take baths, but when I do it’s really to unwind from a busy week, so I’ll be sure to make it worth-while. On the bright side, they did have a buy 3 get 1 free item deal and as this was the cheapest product on the list, it was technically free so it was a good way to justify this purchase.


SamHodgett_Lifestyle_BBW Haul__5.jpg

2.     Sensual - Black Current Vanilla - Bath and Massage Oil

HKD 165 [ USD 21 / GBP 15.90 ]

I really only bought this because I knew I was running out of massage oil and figured as it was also a bath oil, I could have more use out of it. I really love the scent of this one, a subtle sweet fruity flavour, plus the packaging got me drawn to it (my favourite colour is red, hence I immediately smelled this one before the other oils). The packaging is made out of glass so it feels nice, sturdy and luxurious. I have yet to try this out but am very excited to have a nice bath with it soon.


SamHodgett_Lifestyle_BBW Haul__8.jpg

3.     Sleep: Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub

HKD 165 [ USD 21 / GBP 15.90 ]

I couldn’t wait to try out this scrub so once I got home I immediately popped in the shower and gave it a go. The scent wasn’t as strong as the body lotion I smelled in store but leaving the jar opened as I was scrubbing my body did leave my bathroom smelling delightful. The scrub has a lot of oil on top of it so getting the oil on your body is inevitable. With any sugar scrub, I do recommend to wet the body first so that the particles can dissolve a bit and won’t feel too rough on the skin. It did a great job at making my skin feel so smooth and overall smelling amazing but it does leave your skin a bit oily. I personally didn’t mind it as someone with very dry skin all over and as I used it in the night time. I could skip my heavy duty lotion, opt for something a bit lighter and let it completely sink into the skin as I was sleeping but if I were to use it during the day, I would probably wash it off with body wash and apply my regular body lotion. Is it the best body scrub out there? No, but it does smell heavenly. 


SamHodgett_Lifestyle_BBW Haul__9.jpg

4.     Sleep : Lavender Vanilla - Pillow Mist

HKD 105 [ USD 13.40 / GBP 13.40 ]

I was quite pleased to find a pillow mist with a lavender scent. I have been on the hunt for it ever since I’ve moved to Hong Kong and couldn’t find it anywhere, so this was definitely a bonus. I had to get it with the vanilla scent as they didn’t have lavender alone so it has a slight sweet scent to it but it wasn’t bothersome as it was quite subtle. I used it at the hotel we stayed it and man.. I fell asleep instantly. I already know that I’ll have to restock this next time I go back.











So that’s it for this post, are you a candle fan and have you ever tried Bath and Body Works candles?
I know they don’t sell them in the UK but I do recommend to visit one of their stores if you ever have the chance to and are a candle fan like me. I absolutely love their packaging and can't wait for their Christmas collection to come out!