Blogging and Youtube: Why I Started

Oh hey there Sunshines, a personal post today. Though a bit difficult to write, a necessary one as I figured it was about time for you to get to know me and the person behind this blog.

Two years ago, I moved to Hong Kong to do a one year internship at one of the hotels with the intent of moving back to Europe afterwards. Fast forward a year later, I was in love and had a decision to make; whether to move back to my comfort lifestyle or stay in a country that isn’t easy for me to live in but with someone I wanted to spend my life with. I picked the latter, pretty cliché isn’t it? 

My background is in business and hotel management but one thing I’ve learned in that past year, is that I was NOT going back into the hospitality industry in Hong Kong. Anyone in the hospitality industry will most likely tell you that it’s hard work, long hours on your feet, and low pay. Nevertheless, I had absolutely no problem with that when I was juggling my studies and work in Holland. In fact, the daily dose of drunk people that you face at work standing behind a reception desk or bar, can be quite entertaining after a few lectures in the afternoon. And if that didn’t do it, the beer after your shift with your colleagues made it a lot more bearable.


In Hong Kong however, the culture, company environment and people you deal with is just very different in general. One that I won’t be able to tolerate, hence I was looking for a job in a different field. Luckily, I managed to get a job not too long after my internship ended at a jewellery and skincare start up in business development and design. But I’ve decided to quit that job a few months ago without having a back-up plan.
During my decision to quit my previous job, I contemplated on doing several things but the fact that I’m a foreigner here, not an expert in any field really, it’s really really hard to get a job in a country that I’d need a work permit in. I mean, even as a local, it’s already tough as many companies, big or small, are downsizing drastically here.


So with my quest in finding a job and to be honest, really figuring out what I wanted to do with my life, a few of my friends suggested that I’d start blogging. They knew I had a passion for beauty as I talked about it quite a bit and watched a lot of Youtube videos in my spare time. I’d never considered to become a blogger for many reasons; 1. I’m not a writer, 2. I have never really explored my creativity in photography and 3. I’m a private person. I rarely share anything on facebook, up until my recent job I didn’t have Instagram and Twitter, Tumblr or any other social media platform I wasn’t part of besides Snapchat. Looking back, that’s pretty rare for a millennial not knowing the ins and outs of social media. But, hey why not give it a go, if I were to try it in my life, better start sooner than later no?


I guess besides the fact that my friends thought it was suitable for me and implanted the idea in my head, I started blogging because I wanted to uncover the creative side in me; the way I write, the way I see things visually, the way I design and the way I approach not only beauty products but just life in general (Oh and yes, from the get go, I knew I wanted to start a beauty blog). Then at the end, look back, and see how much I have grown in these aspects.


Blogging isn’t just about sharing my ideas to the world, but it is to document my personal development; see how much I’ve grown and become, I suppose, a stronger, more creative person in my life.




So here I am, a few months down the lane, surprisingly still at it and enjoying it quite a bit. I get so much joy out reading the comment section, it really does put a smile on my face and motivates me to keep going, so thank you :) But more important than that, is that I’m able to connect with like-minded beauty lovers around the world through this experience.
Being in a place where the culture is different, you don’t speak the local language and you don’t really have anyone else to talk about these things, blogging has kept me sane in a way. While still figuring it all out, I have decided to start a Youtube channel as well and post beauty and lifestyle videos once a week because during this process, I found that I do love making videos along with writing posts. So if you do want to see more videos as well, I would love for you to subscribe and give me a few ideas on what to post.  


And that’s really all there is to it.  I hope you did like this post, a bit different than what I normally do, but Thursday back to a new facial cleanser review!

Love, Sam