10 Binge Worthy TV Shows to watch in 2017

Good morning Sunshines! (or afternoon/evening whenever you’re reading this). The weekend is here, I finally managed to get a solid 9 hours of sleep last night, hence it’s 11 am and I just woke up. Before I head out and start my day, I wanted to share my binge-worthy TV shows that I have been loving this year or last year and am eagerly waiting for the new season to start in fall.


I’m the type of person that once I find a good show, I can binge watch it the whole weekend long and literally forget about anything and everything happening in the outside world. I get so sucked into the show that I find it hard to resist to stop watching and do other things. In case you’re wondering if these shows are for you, here’s typically what love in a show – good story line, suspenseful, not overly dramatic, action packed or a rom-com type and often, most importantly, great actors. Oh and **no spoiler alerts**


1.     Blacklist

Yes, yes, yes. I discovered the show nearly 4 months ago now and 4 seasons were out, so if I loved it, I was good for a few weeks with something to watch. Without giving away too much, it’s basically about the most wanted FBI criminal turning himself in and making a deal to work with a special task force to catch other criminals the FBI didn’t even know existed in turn for his freedom – this list of criminals known as the Blacklist. There are some episodes a bit poorly written and you can tell there was a low budget allocated for this show, BUT the majority of the episodes and the whole storyline all together are very well done. My bf watched a few episodes before me and stopped watching as he wasn’t to into the show, but afterwards I got him into it again and I couldn’t watch it without him, hence it took me nearly 4 months to finish the 4 seasons and I'm so excited for the next. A spin-off show has been made (watch only after season 4 though otherwise it won't make sense) that I'm currently watching.



2.     Shooter

Shooter, a Netflix original series, is about an ex-marine that was framed for attempting to kill the president. The first part of the series was released a few months back and my bf and I got hooked on it. It’s rare for us to find a show that we both love and this had a right balance of suspense and action. The second part of the series is being released week by week, so we decided not to watch until the whole season is out so that we can spend a whole weekend to watch the episodes back to back.  


3.     Designated Survivor

I never knew a designated survivor existed until this show. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically an individual in the line of succession to the president that purposely doesn’t join conferences where all other leaders are present in the event that something happens to them. So naturally in this show, there was a summit and it got bombed so the designated survivor became president. The whole show has a great cast and is very well written with a bit of humour, drama and suspense.




4.     Black Mirror

This show is right up in my sleeve and I can tell you now that it isn’t for everyone. Each episode has its own story line and it’s about the future impact technology might have on us socially. It’s a bit freaky and weird but it makes you think about life in general and how all this technology including social media affects us in a negative way where social interactions become superficial.






5.     Frequency

Frequency is a show that was inspired by the movie, is about a daughter and father that live 20 years apart and communicate through an old radio to solve crimes (they’re both cops). As they live apart, the whole butterfly effect comes into play and while time travel shows do have its flaws, it’s easy to watch, has good actors and a story line that makes you want to watch one episode after another. This show was cancelled though after one season.  




6.     Orphan Black  

If you like a bit of sci-fi and unexpected plot twists you will love this show about clones. Every episode is full of twists and turns and Tatiana Maslany (the leading actress) plays several different roles with an amazing performance. With the final season starting in the fall, I’m sad this show is coming to an end.





7.     Gotham

Gotham caught my eye because out of all the superheroes, batman is my favourite. This TV show however is before the Batman days and focuses on Gordon and the crime in Gotham. A dark and moody TV show with funny banter, a wonderful cast (especially Robin Taylor, who plays Penguin) and terrific script.  






8.     Elementary

It took me a long time to get into this show especially because of my bias expecting that Americans would yet again ruin another great British show. It actually took a 16-hour plane journey to give this show a fair chance. If it wasn’t for that, I probably never would’ve watched it. I eventually got hooked after three or four episodes into the first season because of the modern day setting and real life issues surrounding Sherlock. While I still prefer Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as the Sherlock and Watson duo, Jonny Miller and Lucy Liu don’t do a bad job themselves.



9.     Bates Motel

Another moody show based on an old movie - Bates motel. Yes, it starts off a bit slow and not all episodes are as exciting, but if you’re looking for a bit of easy to watch drama with a messed up premise then this one could you be for you. The story line and relationship between mother and son is played very well that in times it can be even a bit cringe-y to watch.


10.  The royals

So with all these shows, this one might be a bit of a surprise. To be honest, I don’t even like the fact that I love to watch this show  - it’s like my guilty pleasure. The story line is predictable, script is lousy although the actors are very well picked. For some weird reason though it got me hooked with stereotypical drama. If you haven’t heard of this show, it’s about a fictional modern time royal family with their common issues. Between the expected drama and good looking people – note Elizabeth Hurley plays in it #girlcrush – it has some funny moments and overall gives you the tv show vibe of "it's so bad it turns good", if that makes sense?