Pintrest Made Me Try It "Sugar Scrubs"


Happy Friday! This week has gone by so fast and I’m excited that the weekend is finally approaching. With no confirmed plans yet, I’m looking forward to getting some needed sleep, relax, maybe catch a movie and if the weather allows go to a beach event. The weather has been so weird lately, it’s been raining and cloudy nonstop and when there is finally a bit of sun, it’s so incredibly humid that I prefer sitting at home with my ac and dehumidifier on full blast.


Anyway, I’ve been a lot more active on Pintrest lately to try and figure out how it actually works. If you’re familiar with Pintrest, you know it’s a happy place to go to when you’re looking for some inspiration, hacks, DIY etc. It’s basically like a search engine with pictures. So as I’ve been browsing, creating my boards, discovering more and more things, I’ve decided to do start a Friday series called “Pintrest Made Me Try It”. There are so many things on there that I’ve been wanting to try out, so why not blog about it and tell you my thoughts. I mean, I’m sure there are hacks or DIYs that are a complete fail, but surely there will be some great ones in there as well.


The first one I wanted to try was a body scrub. A long time ago, my mum got these ice cream body scrubs from a Facebook shop and they were amazing. It seriously made your skin feel as smooth as a baby’s butt, no joke. For years, I’ve stuck with them but as she was deleted her account, she didn’t really know where to order them from anymore. I’ve tried to search online and found this link, but won’t be able to get them here in HK. Anyway, while I’m still hunting out there to try and get my hands on them, I’ve decided to search for a natural DIY scrub.


A lot of the DIYs have coconut oil in them and this isn’t a household item that I’d typically have on hand, although I’m contemplating whether I should - considering all the benefits it has. It did say I could replace it with olive oil or almond oil but I kept looking until I found something without it. I found this chart and decided to try the out the vanilla lavender one. I didn’t have any lavender oil on hand, so I replaced it with freshly squeezed lemon (and added a bit of extra sugar to compensate for the liquid added to the mixture)




-       1 cup white sugar

-       ¼ cup olive oil

-       1 tsp vanilla extract

-       The juice of half a lemon





I’m sure everyone would have most of the ingredients at home so making the mixture wasn’t hard. I had quite a bit so I separated it into three containers – one to be tried out that day, one to store in my bathroom and one mini container to be used as a lip scrub.



Once in the shower, I felt the grainy texture with the oil and figured it might actually work. The smell was refreshing and sweet and I didn’t really smell the olive oil. After having it scrubbed, my skin did feel very oily, the oil was practically laying on top of my skin. Afterwards, I cleaned my skin with some body wash and while it did take away most of the oil, once I got out of the shower, my skin did still feel a bit oily. My skin did turn red as I was scrubbing though, a bit more than usual with scrubs.  

I applied a thick layer of moisturiser on my whole body that night before I went to sleep and woke up with my skin feeling very soft and refreshed with the redness gone. Over the next 3 to 4 days, my skin continued to feel nice and smooth, which I was pretty impressed by. My body has been feeling a little rough lately so that smooth, soft feeling was nice for a change.

Using the scrub on my lips was alright, for the most part. My lips felt exfoliated it but it didn’t properly get rid of all the dead skin cells and chapped bits and pieces.


All in all, would I use this again? Definitely, I think it’s a fun and cheap alternative to store bought scrubs. I didn’t like that it made my skin turn as red as it did so next time I’ll scrub a little softer. Also, the way my skin felt because of the olive oil wasn’t the best feeling in the world so I’ll probably adjust the amount of olive oil in the scrub next time. The fact that my skin continued to feel and stay smooth over a few days period was great because some store bought scrubs did a worse job at that. Ultimately, I’d still buy store bought scrubs because of additional benefits they have in them but if you’re on a budget this is a great alternative.