Quarterly Favourites

Monthly favourites can be seen everywhere, but quite frankly a month goes by so fast that it’s too short to figure out what I love and what I hate. So, I’ve decided to do quarterly favourites – a 3-month period can really show what will stick with me and what I just loved for the time being. Whether it’s beauty related or anything else, these things I’ve been using, wearing, eating etc. for the past quarter and I’ve been loving, Enjoy!





-       Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel


With the humid weather coming along, my very dry skin has become more towards to combination side. Thick moisturisers and lotions will leave my face oily and products that work for me during the winter months just won’t do it anymore. Hence, I had to change my morning moisturiser to something that was a bit more lightweight. Now I already use the same moisturiser in lotion form but over the past three months I have been loving the gel moisturiser a lot more as it’s lightweight yet still gives my face the moisturise and hydration it needs without leaving my T-zone area oily throughout the day.




-       Lint Free Facial Puffs


A few years back, I was browsing on the internet reading reviews here and there and saw that Shiseido made cotton pads and the reviews were raving about them. They go for about $10.00 for 165 pads. The first thought that came to my mind was that it was such a waste to spend 10 bucks on cotton pads to remove make up as I go through them as fast as eating ice cream. I generally always pick up the cheapest cotton pads I can find at the drugstore that are either large size and don’t have too much “fluff” on them as it’ll always stick to my face afterwards especially when I remove eye makeup.

So, a few months back, I was due to pick up a pack but decided to buy it at my local supermarket as I was doing groceries anyway. I intended to grab the large size but didn’t really look at the box I picked up. That night, I realised I picked up the wrong one as I wanted to remove my makeup and found out that they were small but were lint free facial puffs. I didn’t really know what that meant but I was kind of bummed that they were smaller in size as I would run out so much quicker. Anyway, after having tried these I was so glad that I picked up the wrong one as these have become my must have now.

These lint free facial puffs don’t have fluff on them so no annoying stringy bits in between your lashes or on your face. Also, they soak up a lot less product than regular cotton pads so I use a lot less makeup remover. They are very thin though, so I stack 2 up before cleaning my eye makeup otherwise I actually get too much makeup remover in my eye. So not only do I never get fluff on my face again, I also get more use out of my makeup removers. But, the best part yet, is that they’re only HK$13.50 (around GBP 1.30/US$2) for 180 puffs. Now I’ve never tried the Shiseido one, but I now I definitely know that it’ll be hard to compete with these ones.


-       Tony & Guy Shampoo and Condition for Fine Hair


It’s on my to – do list to write a hair care routine, but before that I’ll leave you with this combination that has given life back to my hair. But before that let me give you very brief info on my hair type. I have very fine, thin and damaged hair because of all the perms, colouring and amount of heat (without protection) I have done to it – this was before I had any knowledge on how much damage this all did to my hair. So for the past two years, I have been dedicated to find a shampoo that could in a way repair my hair but give it volume at the same time. Going from low to high price points, I still couldn’t find the right product and so I gave up on spending a lot on hair care products. A few months back, I needed some shampoo and conditioner so I decided to try the Tony and Guy Shampoo and Conditioner for fine hair with little expectation. Now using the product for over 3 months, it has finally given life and volume back to my hair. But more on this in a future post.


Food and Drinks


-       Davidoff Espresso Coffee


If you own any type of coffee machine, you know that the coffee machine itself isn’t the thing that will set you back money wise – it’s the pods. My boyfriend and I were contemplating to buy a coffee machine when we moved in together but were pretty indecisive on which one to get. My parents had a spare Nescafe machine and they were generous to give it to us but then again with the amount of coffee my boyfriend and I drink, we spent so much on the pads itself that we stopped using them. In general I prefer to drink strong black coffee while he likes it sweet with sugar and milk so we ended up going back to the instant coffee. Having tried many different types of instant coffee, I can say for certain now that my absolute favourite is the Davidoff Espresso. Two teaspoons and fill my cup up with hot water and I’m good to go with a strong black coffee European style. I can look past the taste of freshly ground coffee beans with the fact that it’s super quick and easy to pour myself a cup, so this one will stay one will permanently stay on my coffee and tea station.



-       Smoothies and Frappuccino’s


Ahh, with a new blender and fresh fruit, I love making any type of smoothies, shakes and everything else that comes out of my blender. If you’ve read my previous posts in the food and drinks section, you’d probably know about this. Recently I’ve also been making some Frappuccino’s that I crave for on the daily with some coffee, milk and vanilla essence. Yummm


-       Movenpick Tiramisu Ice Cream


Okay so yes, I’ve been on a diet and ice cream isn’t on the list of foods to lose weight. But, this one is just so mouth-watering. I don’t crave for ice cream and I rarely eat it even if I go out to eat but the Mr is a complete sweet tooth and turned me into loving this the Movenpick ice cream in the Tiramisu flavour. It’s just so creamy and the biscuit gives it that added texture that just thinking about it makes me crave it. We honestly have to stay strong not too finish a tub in one night. The only drawback is the amount you get for the price, you get 450 ml for a bit over HK$80 (GBP 8/US$ 10) but this is what makes it our little treat.







-       Mac Pro Touchbar


Technology and me don’t go hand in hand. While I’d say that I’m quite tech savvy, I always manage to break or lose gadgets within a year or so. Laptops are no different and as I have always been a windows type, I always owned a mid range windows operating computer. Knowing that my laptop somehow dies on me throughout the year, wasting my money on a Mac laptop has never been option for me. At my last job, we all worked with a Mac Air laptop and while it was a nuisance to learn all the short cuts and change the operating software, I got the hang of it pretty quickly. I must say, it was a lot easier to use for graphic design work than a windows operated computer. So, as my personal laptop died once again, I was in desperate need of a new laptop. Knowing that I wanted to blog and did a lot of work on Adobe programs, I wanted a Mac laptop as I was already accustomed to it. I intended to buy the Air as it was a lot cheaper but my SO convinced me that if I was going to spend money on a Mac rather buy the latest one for numerous reason. I spent days of contemplating whether I should spend over £ 1700 excluding insurance on what potential could break in less than 2 years. We went to 3 or 4 stores, talked about it for weeks and then I finally decided to get it. Now, I consider it like my baby and treat it with the greatest care. I’ve had it for about 3 months now and with no buyer’s remorse at all, it has been one of my best purchases for years. The touchbar makes it working on Photoshop so much quicker, I haven’t seen it lag yet and everything works so smoothly – note I’m the type of person that keeps 30 tabs open on my browser and use multiple applications at the same time so a computer not to lag is to me, pretty impressive. The keyboard smooth and nice to use and I’m absolutely in love with the space grey colour I chose. The only drawback (except the price obviously) is that it only has thunderbolt ports, so you need a converter to plug your USB in. Luckily I got a small USB converter with the laptop as I bought it from my local electronics store and they always give free stuff with purchases over a certain price. However, with SD cards and the need for more USB plugs I did have to buy an extra converter with multiple ports to connect which I always have to carry with me. The silver lining on this is though, that you can charge the laptop on both sides making it easier with your cable management. Overall, I don’t regret it one bit splurging on a laptop like this.  


-       PS4 games [ Dragon Quest Builder and Overcooked ]


Now this a random one and I’m not typically the gamer girl (although I did have a phase where I spent weeks on The Sims) but my SO loves to unwind after work with playing a bit on his PlayStation. Let me start with Overcooked, my bf and I read about this game in the HK newspaper. It is a game for couples and can be played by up to 4 people. You’re basically in a kitchen and have to make recipes that are given within a certain time to get points and get to the next level. The kitchen layout is different in each level, where your tomatoes, onions etc. and cutting boards and stove are placed in different sections therefore you have to work together to complete a recipe. As someone that doesn’t really play a lot on the PlayStation, this is a really fun game to play with your SO if he loves to game as you really have to coordinate and work in a team. I must warn you though, it’ll test your relationship, trust me, I got into heated arguments over this game.  

The other game, Dragon Quest Builder, is pretty much a better version of Minecraft. If you don’t want that is, it’s a game where you have to collect material to build stuff. This game can only be played by one player, has 4 levels and a free play level where you can show off your building to other online players. The aim of the game is to complete challenges that the villagers give you, while you restore their village itself. As someone that loves The Sims, I became pretty addicted to this game although once I finished all the levels I became pretty bored to play the free play but while it lasted, it was good fun.