Music Update

I love music. There are a so many songs out there to portray a certain emotion or even to change one, it really has an impact on me. While I don’t play any instruments, I need to constantly listen to music to get me going through the day, whether I’m doing the dishes, taking a shower, writing blog posts or doing groceries.

I reorganised my iTunes library the other day, well attempted to at least, I’m not even close to done. But in the meantime, I wanted to share a few of the songs I have been listening to. I initially wanted to list them here and link the videos of my top 10, but I couldn’t decide so my top 10 turned into a top 20 and then a top 30. So instead, I figured why not make a Youtube playlist out them, it’ll be much easier to listen to.

My taste in music varies, one minute I want to listen to jazz, the next deep house. That’s why it’s very hard for me to make playlist as I can’t just categorise them by genre. On another note, I rarely listen to mainstream music, that is music typically on the billboard 100.  I find that many of the songs sound similar and are overplayed in bars, radios etc. I mean, if a song is good regardless I’ll listen to it, but I swear if I hear Despacito one more time in a facebook video or when I’m peacefully sitting in a restaurant I’ll lose it.


Anyway, I tried my best to categorise the songs into a type of genre or mood so let me give a little background on when I typically listen to them. You can click on title of the playlist and it'll redirect you to the youtube playlist. 


Playlist 4 : Loungey Nights

I love this type of music when I’m out having a drink with my friends. It helps to have friends in restaurants that allow you to control the music, cause it’s pretty much impossible to find a bar in HK that plays deep house. I also love to get ready with these type of songs as it’s pretty much like chilled background music.  


Playlist 3 : Sunday Evening

I love lighting candles in the evening, sitting with my laptop, reading, going over things with a cup of tea or on the weekends perhaps a glass of wine, putting this music on and just unwind. I named it Sunday evening, because I always aim to have a nice quiet Sunday evening and organise my stuff for the week ahead with this in the background.


Playlist 2 : Afternoon Chill

If there is one gig I really, really, really regret not going to, it’s the Kooks. I mean I won’t ever pick a favourite band because that’s just impossible, but they’re definitely one of my favourites. I get out and into different genres all the time but this type of indie / alternative rock music is something that I never fall out of listening too. It’s my favourite genre to explore more artist in and I can just listen to it the whole day. I usually blast this type of music in the afternoon when I’m at home (thankfully my apartment is pretty soundproof so I haven’t had any complaining neighbours) or whenever I’m taking out and about.


Playlist 1 : All Over

As suggested in the title, this playlist is all over the place. A bit of everything really. I couldn’t really place them in one of the playlist so decided to make one with them in it.


Anyway, these are the few songs I have been listening to lately, I’m thinking to either update them as I go or once monthly / weekly. Let me know if you liked them and if you have any songs that you can’t keep out of your head. I’m always looking for new music! Cheers, Sam