Pintrest Made Me Try It "DIY Peel Off Mask"

Happy Friday Sunshines! Today I’ll be trying out an easy and cheap DIY Mask that I got of Pintrest. It’s from a blog called The Indian Spot that have quite a bit of DIY stuff on there. I was drawn by this mask in particular because it only had two ingredients and it was a peel off type of a thing. I thought this would be a bit gimmicky but nevertheless fun to try out.




- egg white from one egg
- a tablespoon of lemon
- tissue
- mask brush (foundation brush)









The ingredients are very basic and I’m sure that most people would have this in their households already. Basically you just mix the egg white and lemon together and there you have your mask.


Apply a layer of the mask onto your face, then place the tissue on top followed by another layer and wait for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Now on the website it said you can cut out holes in the tissue for your eyes and mouth which I did but once I applied the first layer, I realised that the tissue wasn’t cut properly so instead I just tore the tissue into pieces and placed that on my face.



The mask dries very fast so make sure to tear up the tissue before you apply any layers onto your face. The second layer of mask will ensure that the tissue stays put (it’s best to use a two ply tissue). I didn’t really have any expectations and just did it because it was fun but surprisingly after 5 minutes I felt that the mask was drying and my skin was tightening. Even more so than some of the sheet masks you can buy.


After 20 minutes I peeled off the tissue in an upward direction as mentioned on the website, I felt a bit of a pulling effect and the tissue really took the shape of my face as well. It actually brightened my skin a bit and it looked a lot more clear. Be aware though, that it does leave marks on your face (as can be seen below) thanks to the tissue drying so if you want to try this out, make sure you do it way in the evening or a few hours before you apply your makeup. I did wash my with cleanser afterwards instead of only with lukewarm water purely because I don't want any egg white stuck on my face. 


The claims were to even out blemishes, clear blackheads and naturally reduce pore sizes, now to me it was more firming and brightening than anything else but perhaps with regular use I do believe it might clear blackheads and even out blemishes. Will I try it again? I mean the whole tearing up tissue and all is a bit of a hassle but I’ll probably continue to use this every now and again. Anyway, that’s it, hope you all enjoy your weekend! Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my Shoarma recipe : ) Cheers, Sam