My 5 Summer Essentials


Hello Sunshines! Today, I’ll be sharing my 5 summer essentials – the basics that are needed for every single summer regardless of where you are. Note, this isn’t a fashion post. If anything, I’m not a fashionable person. I tend to wear very plain outfits unless I’m going out as I prefer comfy and plain items rather than anything with colour, patterns or special texture. It makes doing laundry a lot easier.

I was planning to do a shoot for this post in nice summer weather, which failed epic-ly because.. well,  here’s a picture of what I have been facing for the past week midst the rain showers.


No joke, this was taken at 2 pm today and it’s been like this for nearly two weeks straight and currently it’s just pouring and pouring. So unfortunately, today no sunny weather pictures for this post. Hopefully the weather will clear up next week so I can stop ranting about the rain..




Shorts. Preferably a size larger.

Yes, I’ve been one of those people that wear tight shorts and regret it as soon as I eat or whenever it gets too humid. So, my lesson from those times are to wear shorts that are a size or two bigger than usual, because you don’t want to walk around the sun when your clothes are so uncomfortable tight, perhaps even wet from the humidity and whenever you can’t enjoy that ice cream because you’re more focused on how tight your pants are.





Comfy shirt

If you ever bump into me when I’m around my neighbourhood, you’ll find me 9 out of 10 times wearing a basic tshirt from my boyfriend. The fact that it’s bigger, a bit baggy but not too oversized that it looks hideous, makes his shirts perfect for casual summer days (or even when I’m just lounging around my house). I just love how it gives my body some room to breathe and it’s lightweight enough so I won’t feel hot inside it.





Sunglasses. I mean.. those perfect sunglasses.

Sunglasses and flip flops (which will come next) are two things that are worth the splurge when it comes to summer items. I’m not talking about those cheap sunglasses you can pick up anywhere, but I mean those sunglasses that may cost a bit more, but will definitely protect your eyes from the UV rays and suit your face. These, honestly, can last you such a long time, if not forever. Oh and on a side note, many cheaper sunglasses don’t have a good UV Protection so while it will block out the sun light, it will still do the same harm as not wearing any.



Flip Flops (that aren’t made out of plastic or rubber)

You know when you’re walking on the beach.. with a bit of sand between your toes and it’s hot and your feet start to sweat a little and then the plastic or rubber starts rubbing between your toes and then you get blisters around your feet from your flip flops.. Yepp, I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there. My brother actually convinced me to buy a good pair of flip flops that had fabric instead of rubber in between the toes a few years back. It took me forever to find a good pair, but when I did, I loved them so much. I can’t go back to any flip flops made out plastic anymore thanks to him. But the investment was worth it as they’re still going strong after 3 or 4 years.  






Another thing I love because it’s just so easy to carry around when you’re out and about on the beach, park or when you’re doing groceries are totes. They’re washable, fast and easy to use. With so many different ones out there, I’m sure you can find the perfect tote bag for yourself!