My Lazy Hair Care Routine & Tips for Dry and Damaged Thin Hair

Maintaining my hair is definitely not my favourite thing to do. From washing to styling it, I personally find it a dreadful process. Nevertheless, it still has to be done. I’ve managed to damage my hair quite a bit over the years thanks to an uneducated past me. I used to colour my hair quite a bit and then switched over to perming it every 6 months or so for nearly two years without proper after care. After that, I realised how damaged my hair has become and ever since I’ve tried to take a bit more care of it. I even cut a chunk off but it just didn’t grow back in a healthy way.  Now, I finally managed to get it into a state that I am somehow happy with thanks to my regular routine, thus thought I’d share how I did it with guys.

Let me start with the fact that I have thin hair that gets very oily after a few hours so dry shampoo is a life saviour. I’m always looking for a bit of volume and some natural texture if I let my hair down, but in general 99% of the time, you’ll find me with my hair in a messy bun because I hate having my hair down, especially when I’m working or eating.


·      Pick products that suit my hair type and rotate products

For a long time, I switched from brand to brand and product to product that claim to give volume but nothing really did the job well. Most products would weigh down my hair until I tried the Tony and Guy Shampoo and Conditioner for thin hair. It made my hair feel very lightweight, clean and fresh. It doesn’t add shine or anything like that but the conditioner will make my hair feel smooth enough. Although I do have to find something new, now that I’m finishing up the bottle. I always find that if I continuously use the same shampoo it won’t work anymore and makes my hair feel pretty dull. With that said, instead of picking shampoos are for volume or shine, I’ll pick one that is for my hair type – thin hair.


·      Washing and brushing routine

I used to wash my hair on a daily basis because I just couldn’t wake up without washing it. Also, my hair just became an oil slick if I didn’t wash every day. Now ever since I found out how convenient dry shampoo is, I’ll wash it once every two to three days and comb it in the morning and evening. This is probably one of the best tips that I can give you if you have damaged hair as you won’t strip away the natural oils and by combing through it, you’re spreading the oil to the ends as well. I’m using the Batiste Dry Shampoo, because it’s the easiest to pick up near my house. I prefer the one for brunette hair so that it doesn’t leave a white cast but I still haven’t found a place where they sell it here in hk.



·      Conditioner and Masks

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve used a proper hair mask and switched that out for a deep conditioner instead. I’ve been using the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle for years because it just makes my hair so silky smooth. I’ll use this once or twice a week at most, after applying my regular conditioner and leave it on for about 5 minutes. I used to use the Reconstructor version which is catered to damaged hair, but recently I’ve switched up my game and used the Moisture version and that one works a bit better now.



·      Leave in conditioner

After I wash my hair, I’ll always use the Tony and Guy leave in conditioner. I find that oils do a better job at creating a smooth hair but as my hair gets oily very quickly, I’ve been using this leave in conditioner instead just to maintain the frizz. This little addition has helped my hair look a lot healthier throughout the day.  



·      Styling

I don’t style my hair often and will just leave it with the leave-in conditioner. If however I do need to use a heat, I’ll typically only use a hair dryer. I’ll wait until my hair is nearly dry, add in some heat protector and sea salt spray and then go in with the hair dryer to smooth it all out. If I’m looking for a bit of curls, I’ll braid my hair until I leave the house so that I won’t add additional heat to it. If my hair gets a bit frizzy, I’ll just apply some oil to the roots to and for some extra shine. I’ll also add in some texturizing spray to my roots to keep the volume throughout the day.


That’s pretty much it, the key tips that have worked for restoring my hair are skipping the daily washes, making sure I don’t use heat and using the products for my hair type. I know a lot of products that I use are from tony and guy, (not sponsored btw), but I do find that these just worked the best for my hair especially their sea salt spray.  The oil that I have been currently using is the one from Syoss. I’ve been testing this one out for about two months now but I don’t really like it. I find that I need to section my hair and apply the oil bit by bit to maintain the frizz, thus I have to use a lot more product and take a lot more time. So far, my favourite oil is still the Elvive Extraordinary Oil.


And that’s that. Any recommendations on products or even hair care hacks that can give me a bit of volume and repair my damaged hair are much appreciated! Cheers, Sam