6 Tips for Getting Ready Faster in the Morning

I’m not a morning person, never been and never will be. However, I know I need to wake up early to be productive during the day so that I can relax in the evening on the couch with my better half.

On the weekdays, I start my day by going to the gym first thing in the morning. I wake up either at 6:45 and get to the gym by 7 so that I can have a cup of coffee with the Mr before he heads to work or I’ll get out of bed by 8 so we can have a coffee and both leave the house together.


Whether you’re working from home or in office, these tips have helped to me to kick start the day faster. Back when I was working in an office, I managed to get ready in 30 minutes before heading out the door (including a full face of makeup!) with these tips so hopefully this can streamline your morning so that you can get a bit more sleep.


1.     Layout your clothes the night before


I always struggle with what to wear. Back when I was in secondary school, I had to wear a uniform, which was a good thing because I never had to think about what to wear. When it came to work, it became more difficult because I had to think about if I had meetings or events etc. This took me at least 10 minutes to figure out, so I started hanging the clothes outside of my wardrobe so that I don’t even need to open it in the morning. Now I do the same thing with my gym clothes and afterwards I will generally wear a tank top and jeans at home.


2.     Pack your bags the night before


When I was working at a start up, I brought a lot of work home with me rather than staying late in the office. However, being the super forgetful person that I am, I always managed to forget stuff if I didn’t pack my bag the night before. Packing my bags beforehand, not only did it save me a lot of time, it brought my mind at ease as well. Now I pack my bags for the next day immediately after I finish the gym so I don’t need to worry about that. Just a fresh new water bottle and towel and we’re good to go. I also have my go to purse ready next to the door, so that whenever I go out, everything is ready.


3.     Have an everyday makeup section


This is the one that saved me the most time out of all. Being a makeup lover, I loved using and trying so many new products every day. However, this took so long in the morning that I decided to only try new products on the weekend and keep the ones I don’t use daily inside my vanity. I had a little go to section in the morning where I laid out my everyday makeup in order of application, so I don’t have to think about it and don’t wander off trying something new.


4.     Prepare your breakfast the night before


I’m not really a breakfast person, but as breakfast is an important part of your day, I force myself to eat a healthy meal after working out. I cut up my fruits in the evening so I don’t have to worry about that the next day. As I drink fresh juice in the morning, I’ll put them in my blender and store in the fridge so that in the morning I literally just have to take the container out and blend it until smooth.


5.     Don’t care, messy hair


I don’t like having my hair down when I work or even when I go out, I find it very annoying. So, I only have my hair down on special occasions. The fastest way for me to get it out of the way while still looking decent is to put it in a messy bun or pony tail. If you like having your hair styled in the morning then do it the night before. For beachy waves, the easiest is to put your hair in a braid when you’re sleeping so that when you wake up you only have to take out your hair tie, put some oil or leave in conditioner and you’re done.


6.     In shower / spray on moisturizer


I can’t go a day without moisturiser on my face and body, so when I’m in a rush I’ll apply spray on moisturizer or those in shower moisturizers to save me an extra few minutes.


Hope these were helpful and definitely share if you have any other tips to get ready faster. See you in tomorrow’s post! Cheers,  Sam