Bath and Body Works Haul - Malaysia

Hi Sunshines! Sooo.. in yesterday’s post I mentioned that while being on holiday I found a Sephora and right next to it was actually a Bath and Body Works as well…. My god did I not have planned to go shopping that trip, but it was so unexpected and my love for candles and amazing smelling body products will never end so I did have to do another shop and so a mini haul for today’s post.


- The Candles -



So I did plan to get more candles but I was slightly afraid that they might break in the luggage on the way back so I contained myself and only got two and luckily they survived! The lady in store was pretty aggressive with her sales tactics and pretty much made me smell all the candles there were but she was so sweet as well and I couldn’t really fault her for doing her job.

One thing I noticed immediately was that the candles in this store had much better overall packaging than the candles in the B&BW Macau and with the whole Christmas vibe going on it was almost as if I was in candle heaven. They had some interesting scents and one smelled like straight up chocolate (not what I was going for) and at one point I just couldn’t smell anything anymore, but luckily managed to grab these two. 





Marshmallow Fireside

This was the first candle that I picked up and immediately put in my basket without hesitation. It has this sweet but smoky scent to it that just reminds me of such cosy, warm winters with loved ones. I love the dark frosted glass it comes with it and it’s very complimentary with the wooden furniture in my flat, so the perfect winter candle for me!

I did burn these a few times already for give or take 10 hours in total and I still have a bit more than 2/3rds left, so it did do very well (I tried so hard to wait until December even started but I… just gave into it). I do have to disclaim that I freeze my candles a few hours which helps them burn slower. The scent isn’t too strong, but I can definitely smell it throughout my apartment.



Merry Mistletoe

When I had my first whiff of this candle, it somehow reminded me of a men’s aftershave or cologne but I just can’t put my finger on what specific product it is. Once I properly smelled it, I could understand why they named in merry mistletoe because it does have that hint of freshness and blend like a real mistletoe would have.

I haven’t lit this candle on as long as the other one, so I still have quite a bit left but I do feel that the scent is more fragrant than Marshmallow Fireside.  I picked up this candle because when I do burn it, it just smells like I have proper Christmas and I mean… the detail on the packaging is so so beautiful.


- the other lifestyle and body Products - 



I’m never really as keen on buying body products from Bath and Body Works because I’m very picky when it comes to body care and I feel, despite the lovely fragrance on them, the quality of the products is just so-so yet you still pay quite a premium in comparison to drugstore brands. But nevertheless, my boyfriend insisted I do pick up a few things because I don’t have access to the shop in HK and so I realised when I wanted to get a scrub and bath fizz, they don’t sell either in the store. I was quite surprised because they did in Macau and they didn’t have as big of a selection as the store I was in. I was also completely suckered into the discount deal of "buy 4 get 1 free" body care item so these were the four that I picked up



Magic in the Air Diamond Shimmer Mist

I absolutely love the candle in this fragrance and was interested in the shimmer mist hence I picked this one up. To be honest.. It isn’t an item that I would normally buy and my whole body being all bling bling isn’t really my thing but I figured it’s the holiday season, more dresses, more parties and so I got this for those night events that I have coming up since I don’t really have anything like it.

Just like the candle, the scent on this product doesn’t disappoint but you do have to be firm when spraying otherwise you end up with a blotch of glitter on your body which you could alternatively massage and spread out with your hands. The shimmer particles are definitely there, sparkle more at night, and I think it’s a nice quick added touch for holiday events or any other special occasions as it gives your body a little extra attention. On a side note, I do recommend to spray this before makeup because if you’re as clumsy as me, you might get it on your face when spraying, leaving you looking like a disco ball.


Liquid Sunshine Sheer Body Oil

I got this product solely because I love the concept of it. As someone with dry skin, I know oils are good for me but I just  hate the feeling of an oil on my body or face. This product really stood out for me because it’s basically a mousse that once you spread out turns into oil and will give you that hydrated look without feeling oily or sticky.

The scent is very fruity and personally not really my favourite, they had a few others to choose from but I didn’t really like them, so this was the best option. This product won’t replace my body lotion as I need something a lot heavier but does give a nice added glow to the skin after I’ve used my initial first layer of body lotion.




Sleep Lavender Vanilla Bath Soak

Winter is (very very) slowly approaching here in HK, which means more bath times! I don’t know why exactly but I take a lot more evening baths during the colder months and just take an hour or so to completely soak into my bath and catch up on some tv shows. As they didn’t have a bath fizz, I opted for the soak which lasts me a longer time. The smell isn’t as strong but I can feel the oils and fragrance on my body when in the bath. I probably wouldn’t repurchase this, but while I have it, I will of course enjoy the most out of it.


Sleep Lavender Vanilla Pillow Spray

In my previous Bath and Body Works Haul, I mentioned I got this pillow spray and that I did want to repurchase it so I was so so sooo happy that they had this in store. I fell In love with it even more throughout the weeks and even got my boyfriend hooked on it. The other bottle was nearly out so this unexpected trip was perfect timing to repurchase this. Surprisingly the bottle lasted me quite awhile.. say 3 months I think since I purchased the previous bottle which is really not that bad since I’m very excessive with pillow sprays. 




And that’s it for this haul! Overall I’m quite happy with this haul and that I managed to, for the most part, really pick up products that stood out to me .

Have any of the products caught your eye and have you heard any other brand making the body oil in mousse format? I would love to explore more of these interest