My Ultimate In-Flight Travel Essentials


Happy Monday Sunshines! I just back from a much needed holiday and thought I would do a quick post on my in-flight essentials. I have to admit that I have been flying more than I'd like in the past few years so I've really just been perfecting it each time and I finally feel content with It – not too much and not too little and perfect for both a long haul and short haul flight.  It is my kit for a fool proof flight, so if you’re new to travelling or going on holiday soon, this could be handy. I won’t be posting any specific beauty/makeup related items, but perhaps for a future post. 






1.     Tissues

When you’re in a flight, the amount of tissues you get is minimal and though you can get extras from the crew or inside the bathroom, they’re often busy. So always carry a few pocket tissues inside a flight, especially because drinks are easily spilled. 


2.     Alcohol wipes 

I always carry around alcohol wipes wherever I go and have a few stored inside my wallet, they’re easy to carry around and especially inside a flight with a lot of people, germs can easily be spread. 


3.     Hand Sanitizer

Just like alcohol wipes can be used on things like seats handles, phones or your passport, use hand sanitiser for your hands and body. In places like an airport, you tend to open a lot of doors, hold escalator handles and/or might go into a bathroom with no soap so this is just another quick way to make sure germs don’t get spread to you. I might sound like I’m afraid of any germs at this point but really the last thing I want is to get sick during a flight or my holiday.


4.     Makeup wipes and/or disinfecting wipes

I don’t like to keep makeup wipes at home because I tend to get into the lazy habit and remove my makeup with wipes instead of doing a deep cleanse, especially when I’ve had a little too much to drink. I do on the other hand, always buy them before a flight. I generally always wear a light layer of makeup when I travel because I frequently bump into people I know in airports so I do want to look put together just in case. Having them allows me to take it all off quickly when I’m inside the flight or arrive at my destination. Even if I don’t wear makeup, it’s a nice way to refresh my skin throughout the flight or use them as wet tissues. My favourite ones are the Neutrogena makeup wipes, but since I rarely use them for my face anymore, I prefer whatever is the cheapest alternative.  If you're not a makeup wearer, then disinfecting wipes are ideal as well. 


5.     Hand and/or Body lotion

Just like my face has dry skin, so does my body and I just can’t survive without body or hand lotion inside a flight especially after using a hand sanitiser.


6.     Chewing gum or mints

Not only is does it give you nice breath but also gives you something to munch on whenever you need to pop your ears or just feel like it. I like to buy a big pack for two reasons, one in case the person next to me has a bad breath, if you take one; for yourself and offer them, they will almost always take it and two; if you’re travelling with children or have a child next to you that won’t stop crying I always offer them to make them stop. Most of the time a child cries in the plane it’s because their ears are blocked and this just helps them to stop -  for your peaceful and quiet travels, trust me, it works. 


7.     Small bottle of perfume

I like to get travel sized perfume bottles because it’s easy to pop in your purse and smell nice. I always find that after a flight I need to spray myself because that airplane smell lingers.


8.     One set of extra clothes including large scarf

Luckily, I never had my luggage lost inside a plane but that doesn’t stop me from being cautious that it will one day happen, hence a spare set of clothing. Also, I’ve had a stewardess once accidentally pour coffee on my white jumper during a flight, so yeah.. it was handy to have my spare set of clothes. So even if it is something light like a dress, it puts me on ease and I always, always carry a spare pair of knickers. The spare pair also includes a larger scarf, because it just keeps me warm during the flight.  



9.     All electronics and other valuables

Despite my luggage never been lost on an airplane, my tablet did get stolen inside my luggage when I was travelling a few years back. Getting a refund and proving that this was actually inside my checked in luggage was a big big hassle with plenty angry complain letters that I had to send (I must admit it was a bit careless from my side, but my luggage was locked twice and that was literally the only thing taken from my bag!) and hence I will never ever leave any type of electronics or valuables for that matter inside my checked in luggage anymore. So even it is something small like my jewellery, camera equipment or anything else expensive, I will carry it with me in my hand luggage.


10.  Panadol or any type of pain relief / headache medicine

Everyone I know has their specific type of headache pill that they like, some prefer ibuprofen, some Panadol etc. If you’re on a flight and get a headache (perhaps from that kid that was crying), it’s always handy to have your favourite medicine ready. Also, when you’re abroad it might not be easy to get your specific medicine so always carry it with you but make sure that the customs will allow that type of medication to enter the country and only carry for personal use. In case you do get stopped by customs, they will likely let you keep it because they know it’s just for you.


11.  Headphones and converter

So the headphones in the plane aren’t very comfortable, especially after wearing for them more than an hour so I do recommend to get a nice pair of headphones and if you have the budget for them, a noise cancelling pair. Even if you don’t listen to music or watch a movie at least you can block the sound around you. Also, if you have the chance, pick up an adaptor for your headphones, because if you want to watch a movie on the screen then you would need it unless you don’t mind sound coming in from one ear only. I got mine at an airport a long time ago and I remember them to be quite expensive for one, but you can get them for very cheap on amazon or an electronic store outside of the airport. 


12.  A few black or blue ball point pens

This is something that I picked up at a young age from my mum who always carries a pen in her purse. You just never know when you need it, be it to write down a phone number, address, directions or filling out your landing card when visiting other countries. Your phone might run out of battery and it’s such a compact lightweight item to carry that it really isn’t a hassle. I always like to carry a few pens because when I visit other Asian countries I typically have to fill out an immigration card in the plane and once you whip out your pen, everyone next to you will ask if they can borrow yours. For this reason I mention black or blue ball point pens as immigration cards always have to be filled in with these colours.


13.  Toothbrush

I always like to brush my teeth before I arrive at my destination, it keeps me fresh and new and with the amount of coffee I drink, it prevents my teeth from further stains. Also, once you check into your hotel or greet whoever it is, your first impression shouldn’t be a bad breath.


14.  Bandaids

I’m quite the clumsy one and tough I rarely bleed, it can happen at any time that I get a scratch, burn or blister. Carrying them doesn’t take up much space and it’s just another item for that “just in case” scenario.  I do carry to two separate plasters, regular ones and one for blisters.


15.  Hydrating Face Mist

Just like my makeup remover wipes can refresh me, a good hydrating mist will do the same with additional skincare benefits. After a nap or whenever I am very sleepy, I like to spray this all over to get a quick pick me up feeling.


16.  Moisturiser

No doubt that an aeroplane will dry your skin out so carrying a moisturiser is essential to me. Even if I wear makeup, I’ll remove my base as soon as I get on a flight and apply a moisturiser to keep my face hydrated throughout the journey.



17.  Lipbalm

If anyone has the cure for chapped lips, do let me know! I am obsessed with applying a lip balm continuously throughout my day, because no matter what I will always have chapped lips so during a flight there is no exception. I often use a tinted lip balm to give a bit of life to my lips when I’m travelling but will also carry a clear one.


18.  Clear Sandwich bags

Nearly all airports these days will require you to put all your liquids inside a clear plastic bag. Some airports have lots of them readily available, others don’t. Some securities check very thoroughly, other don’t. So, I always carry a few spares with me in case one breaks or I need them for something else. I like to keep my seat area clean and organised so that I don’t forget anything and thus will always use them as a trash bag during my flight as well.



So all these items, I will always have on hand during a flight no matter if it’s a one hour flight or 12 hour flight. Of course, during long haul the lists expands a little but I kept it so it’s applicable to all flying times. I don’t like to travel with a small suitcase, so these fit perfectly in whatever hand bag I decide to fly with and I do carry most of these items in my day to day handbag. Hence why I love samples and travel sized items. My boyfriend does make fun of me often as I have to carry a bunch of stuff that he says “you won’t need” but I have several times proved him wrong in this department. Call me excessive but I do like to be prepared for all situations because from what I’ve learned so far is that you can never be too prepared.

What are your travel essentials and did these help?