5 Ways To Stay Inspired

Happy Friday Sunshines! It’s been a minute since I’ve last posted but am back again, fresh, inspired and ready to go. To kick things off, I wanted to share a few things that keep me inspired, steps essentially, that help me get from a demotivated, down and uninspired state to one that is motivated, enthused and as if I were looking at things with a fresh new pair of eyes. To me, staying inspired and motivated is one of the hardest things to do as I easily get cynical and bored, especially when working in the creative field. Thus, I always need to find ways to keep me going. So really, this post is also something for me personally that I can read whenever I’m feeling a little uninspired. Before I ramble on any further, here are my 5 tips that help me get back on track.



1.     Watch movies, tv shows or read books that inspire you

I’m not one to watch an inspirational documentary, read or hear any type of motivational speeches when I’m demotivated, in fact, all I would want is to binge watch a whole season of my favourite TV show on Netflix and stay in bed the whole week and sometimes... that’s perfectly fine to do for a day or two (not a whole week I should add). But, instead of watching a show or movie or even read a book that’s purely meant to motivate you, I’d rather read or watch something that’s inspires me subtly. For example, watch a movie where the main character rises from a dilemma or where the show is based on an environment that pushes people to its limits. My favourite shows to watch, in this case, would be Suits, Billions or even something in a more comedic vibe like the Good Place.


2.     Reorganise your space

One thing that I do on a regular basis is to reorganise my space to keep me inspired. Whether that is something small like reorganising my desk area or something that requires a bit more effort like moving the furniture around or reorganising my closet. Switching things up and moving my home décor around is one thing that I do with pleasure and keeps me busy while staying away from technology.



3.     Try something new

Whenever I’m really uninspired I try a new hobby and get motivated from working on something new. Not only will that increase my knowledge and know-how but it’s always fun to see what else is out there. A while back, I started learning to make my own candles which is pretty fun to do I must add but can get a little messy. Recently, I started painting. Now, I’m absolutely terrible at drawing but when you paint you don’t always need to know how to draw. Just pick up a brush and have fun with it. If it turns out nice, you can just frame it and call it an abstract painting.




4.     Tell someone you’re close to

At times, you just need to tell someone you’re feeling a little uninspired or down and if they know you well enough they know exactly how to cheer you up or at least give you a pep talk or some tough love to get back on your feet. 


5.     Treat yourself

Whether you want to go shopping, go to a spa, or just have a quiet day at home, it’s important to treat yourself once in a while. I actually hate shopping, be it online or in store, the whole experience just really stresses me out especially if I’m just wondering around the store not knowing exactly what I want. But, to get back at it, I did want to buy a few new makeup products to review and test out and despite hating to go shopping, I do love coming home and playing with a bunch of new makeup products. So, as my final resort I went shopping on Monday, luckily, I get to go during non peak hours so that it’s pretty quiet and I can just have a look at the products in peace. To my surprise, my local drugstore, Watsons, was finally selling Rimmel starting this month, so with this, I also posted a Rimmel Haul and First Impressions post as well.



And that’s it for this post. I hope this helps you get some tips if you ever feel a little uninspired like me at times and from now, back to regular posts!

Cheers, Sam