Quarterly Favourites

I’m a little late on my favourites, but nevertheless here are mine for Q3. I love reading other people’s favourites because it just sums up the best of the best, you get to explore new things and get a sense of the person behind the blog. I don’t do monthly favourites… I don’t easily get excited about things so having is sectioned per quarter sums up what I have been truly loving for an extended period of time.



1.     Brush egg

Let’s start with a few cheaper products shall we. I got this brush egg a few months back and it’s the only item I’ll clean my brushes with ever since I got it. It’s small and compact making it easy to travel with and a quick aid to clean my brushes with. I’m very paranoid when it comes to the cleanliness of my brushes and there is no week that goes by where I won’t deep clean them, even if I only use them a few times in the week. So this has really cut down the time on cleaning my brushes and are squeaky clean as it has different grid textures for different types of brushes. It’s not ideal for those big body brushes, but I rarely use them so that’s fine. 

I can’t recall the exact price of this but I remember it was under HK$20. It’s made from silicone and there is a hole in the centre so that you can easily hold the egg while cleaning. It lasts a really long time and hasn’t damaged whatsoever so this item I just had to include. This by far is the best alternative to the Sigma mats and gloves, at seriously a fraction of the price. 


Brush egg - USD 1.44 + 0.99 Shipping on Amazon / GBP 0.98 + Free shipping on Amazon / ±HKD 20 at JHC


2.     Micro Fibre Hair Towel

Anyone else hate wet hair? I just hate having my hair down in general so when it’s wet it just makes it 10 times worse. I heard of a similar product from Melissa Alatorre’s Youtube channel a long time ago and was interested to try it out but never really found it in stores (to be fair, I wasn’t really looking for it either). So, when I was roaming around my grocery store I found a similar product at the “12 dollar” section, which is like a mini “dollar store / pound land” part of the shop. I got one first to test it out and this has been another life saviour over the past few months so I picked up a few more. These are really affordable so definitely worth every penny spent. There are better ones out there, for a lot more money but I just don't feel like splurging on an item like this. 

I use it straight after I get out the shower before I dry my body so that my body won’t get wet again or use it while doing a hair mask. I really love it for three reasons. One; I don’t rub my hair against a towel anymore, so this has improved the texture of my hair. Two; it gives my hair a nice wavy texture as it dries down and three; my hair is out of the way for a few hours and I don’t have to blow dry it. It takes a really long time for my hair to dry in general, so I usually leave this in for three to six hours before taking it out. If for whatever reason I need to blow dry my hair, this also drastically reduces the time I apply heat to my hair so again.. less damaging.

USD 5.99 at Walgreens / GBP 6.00 at M&S / HK$12.00 at ParknShop


3.     Plants and pots


Flowers have never really been my thing and I find them a nuisance to take care of. I do occasionally buy roses and hang them to dry because dried flowers make great decoration pieces. Plants have always been the same story with me and when my boyfriend and I first moved in together he suggested the idea of buying a plant. As I’m pretty much the boss of what we get for the apartment, I immediately said no. Why? I didn’t want to take care of them among many reasons. Skip fast forward over a year later, I decided it was finally time to get some house plants. Why? I needed the greenery as I was working from home and… well, they too, make great decoration pieces. So we finally went to the flower market and each picked one plant and pot we liked to start with. Turns out… I love having plants in my apartment and they’re not as high maintenance as flowers. The best thing yet.. they’re still alive after two months! Okay.. so I know that isn’t necessarily a big achievement, but I have never had a green thumb or really cared for plants and you got to appreciate the little things in life right?


4.     Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash


So my boyfriend and I can’t stop raving about this hand wash and it’s very rare that he even comments on any skincare products in the house, let alone asking me to blog about an item. But yes, for weeks now he’s been telling me to write something about it. So here it is in my favourites. It’s a nice soapy scrub that leaves my hands feeling silky smooth every time I wash my hands. Do you really need to spend US$ 39 on a hand wash? No, it’s an absolutely unnecessary splurge item but does make for a great gift if you ever run out of ideas. If you want to justify the price a bit more, it also makes for a great body scrub especially on those rougher areas, like your feet, knees and elbows.

US$ 39 / GBP 27 / HK$ 255 in Aesop Stores 


5.     L'occitane Rose 4 Reines Hydrating Face Mist

I have been using this product every day during the summer months, with or without makeup because it’s really refreshing and smells nice. It does have a rosy scent yet isn’t uncomfortably fragranced either and the spray is amazing. The bottle is the perfect size to toss in your bag without taking up too much space or being too heavy. This hydrating mist is also great for toning down a powdered look after makeup application (though won't prolong makeup wear). The only down side is that this product finishes very quickly and this isn’t necessarily the cheapest product on the market.  If you’re not into the smell, they do have a few different types of mists including illuminating ones. 

HK$120 GBP 14 / USD 19 on the L'occitane' s online store 






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