My Ultimate In-Flight Travel Essentials

Happy Monday Sunshines! I just back from a much needed holiday and thought I would do a quick post on my in-flight essentials. I have to admit that I have been flying more than I'd like in the past few years so I've really just been perfecting it each time and I finally feel content with It – not too much and not too little and perfect for both a long haul and short haul flight.  It is my kit for a fool proof flight, so if you’re new to travelling or going on holiday soon, this could be handy. I won’t be posting any specific beauty/makeup related items, but perhaps for a future post. 

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Starting out a Capsule Wardrobe

I have always been fascinated by the idea of a capsule wardrobe, because it limits your choice, keeps your closet clean and saves you time in the morning. Considering the state that my closet was in, I knew I had to sort my shit out. I couldn’t find anything anymore, I have been putting this off for weeks because I knew I wanted to experiment with the capsule wardrobe, but mainly I’ve been procrastinating. So one day I finally sat down and organised this mess. After a month of having this fully functioning capsule wardrobe, here’s what I’ve learned.

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Quarterly Favourites

I’m a little late on my favourites, but nevertheless here are mine for Q3. I love reading other people’s favourites because it just sums up the best of the best, you get to explore new things and get a sense of the person behind the blog. I don’t do monthly favourites… I don’t easily get excited about new things so having is sectioned per quarter sums up what I have been truly loving for an extended period of time.

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5 Ways To Stay Inspired

Happy Friday Sunshines! It’s been a minute since I’ve last posted but am back again, fresh, inspired and ready to go. To kick things off, I wanted to share a few things that keep me inspired, steps essentially, that help me get from a demotivated, down and uninspired state to one that is motivated, enthused and as if I were looking at things with a fresh new pair of eyes. To me, staying inspired and motivated is one of the hardest things to do as I easily get cynical and bored, especially when working in the creative field. Thus, I always need to find ways to keep me going. So really, this post is also something for me personally that I can read whenever I’m feeling a little uninspired. Before I ramble on any further, here are my 5 tips that help me get back on track.

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Bath and Body Works Haul

Last weekend my boyfriend and I spontaneously decided to go to Macau for a getaway weekend and so I had to stop by the Bath and Body Works store to stock up on some candles while I was there since they don’t have a store in Hong Kong. I’m a huge fan of lighting candles in the evening, they just bring a nice moody ambiance and of course make your home smell amazing. So today, a haul post on the items I bought.

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Bullet Journaling: Thoughts and Progress

Being persistent with journaling or keeping a diary is something I have never been the best at. Bullet journaling, however, has turned my journaling life up side down and I couldn't be happier with organising my life thank to this system. Find out more of my thoughts in today's post!

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Sam Hodgett
Music Update

A music update! I haven't really posted about music and it is something that keeps me going and writing my posts regularly. So herewith, a few playlists that you can listen to on youtube with my current faves

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