5 Quick and Easy to Make Lunch Ideas


Everyone needs to eat and thinking about what to eat can be so frustrating to me at times, especially for lunch. Thinking of meal to eat, but being too lazy to cook a full-blown meal, yet still wanting something that satisfies me can be a daunting daily task. While not all of these ideas are necessarily the healthiest of lunches, they do a pretty good job at satisfying my cravings and prevent me from continuous mid-day snacking. Perhaps, a few of these lunch ideas can help you to decide what to eat next.



1.     Anything-with-bacon sandwich

Bacon definitely falls into my top 5 favourite foods of all time and is a stable in my fridge. Not all types though, I mean specifically the streaky bacon that becomes so deliciously crispy after a few minutes in the oven. It’s great on sandwiches, as a snack or even in salads but my go to bacon dish for lunch would probably be a bacon and egg sandwich. Super quick and easy to make, though I do need to restrain myself from making it more than once a week cause you know.. the calories.




2.     Spinach, tomato and cucumber salad

On the flip side of things, a healthy salad is a great option for lunch and doesn’t need much time especially if you’ve already washes your spinach and tomatoes in advance. The great thing about salads is that you can really take it as far as you want. Add whatever you want and make it as healthy as you want it. I tend to drizzle the slightest amount of olive oil into the mix and eat it with whatever is in my fridge, be it a mango, tofu or whatever meat was left over from the night before. If I’m really running low on options, I’ll just mix it in with sesame salad dressing and there I have my quick and easy lunch for the day.







3.     Toast with scrambles eggs and smoked salmon

Just like bacon, smoked salmon falls into my top 5 foods to eat.  Though, eating smoked salmon with toast is perfectly fine as well, I don’t find it as filling as adding a bit of scrambled egg to the mix.




4.     Miso soup and boiled egg

Boiled egg is a great option for whenever you’re trying to watch your weight and has long been part of my breakfast routine. Though lately, I love the addition of boiled egg with a bit of miso soup for lunch and if I’m really feeling hungry adding a piece of toast. As I’m not a big fan of standing in the kitchen for long when I’m making lunch, I’ve been loving these instant miso soup packages that are made within a few minutes instead of going all out.



5.     Grilled Cheese

As last, this list wouldn’t be complete without a grilled cheese sandwich. Whether you like to add a bit of ham, salami or eat it plain, your lunch really couldn’t go wrong when eating a grilled cheese.






That’s it for today, hope this got you some inspiration for your next quick lunch fix! Cheers, Sam