Chicken Shoarma

I’ve been craving for Shoarma for a while now – I mean, the ones you can get in Holland. The reason being, when I was back in Holland recently, I visited my usual Shoarma restaurant and had a taste of what I’ve been missing out on. It isn’t hard to get here in HK though, but it tastes different – comes with different bread, different seasoning and when you end up eating it, it just becomes a whole new experience on its own.


So, it’s been my mission to make it at home. If you google Shoarma recipe, I’m sure you’ll get thousands of results and you can just pick any one and there you have your shoarma recipe. This one though, I’ve been trying to perfect for a while now to make it taste a little more like the ones I can get in Holland and also a bit more catered to my personal liking. Though I must admit, I can still tweak the recipe here and there but I thought I’d share it with you anyway because these changes would come down to personal preference, like if you want it spicier or want certain flavours to pop out more.


This recipe will only be for the seasoning though, Shoarma comes with salads and if you like some garlic sauce etc. This again depends on you. I personally like to eat this with a bit of pita bread and mayo, but if I’m feeling a bit fancier, I’ll add lettuce and tomatoes. You can also, of course, eat this with some rice.



PREP TIME :: 5 to 10 minutes / marinade 1 hour at least
COOKING TIME ::  10 - 15 minutes










for the marinade

-       ½ tsp ground coriander
-       1 tsp cumin
-       ¼ tsp cayenne
-       ¾ tsp paprika
-       1 tsp turmeric
-       ¼ tsp garlic powder
-       ¼ tsp cinnamon
-       1 tsp all spice
-       ½ tsp curry powder
-       ¼ tsp ground cloves
-       ¼ tsp white pepper
-       1 tsp salt


-       a dash of olive oil
-       a knob of butter
-       a dash of milk
-       1 tsp mayonnaise
-       500 gr of chicken fillets




-       I mixed all the ingredients for the marinade together, cut the chicken into small bite sized strips and coated them in the marinade. Let that sit for at least one hour in the fridge

- Once that was done, I just heated up a pan with a bit of olive oil and cooked the chicken on high heat. I turned the heat to a medium after about 3 minutes and let the chicken continue to cook.

- When the chicken is nearly done, I added the knob of butter, milk and mayonnaise into the pan and let that cook with the chicken while shredding the chicken a bit until the chicken was done cooking.


I find that this last step really helped with making the chicken taste less dry and make the flavours pop.  Anyway, that’s it, enjoy the chicken Shoarma in any way you like! Cheers, Sam