Quick & Easy Week Night Dinner: Spicy Garlic Shrimp Pasta

What’s up guys, I’m normally not a big pasta eater because it’s so filling but recently I’ve been cooking a lot more pastas to switch up what I’m eating for dinner. I’ve been loving this recipe because it’s so easy to make – perfect for a busy week night.



Cooks for: 2

Needed: Pot and pan

Cooking time : 10 – 15 minutes





Italian Seasoning

-       ½ tbsp basil
-       ½ tbsp oregano
-       ½ tbsp thyme
-       ½ tbsp rosemary
-       ½ tbsp Garlic Pepper


-       180 gr Shrimps (I used frozen white leg shrimps)
-       2 tbsp Italian seasoning (I mixed my own together – see below)
-       3 cloves of crushed garlic
-       1 tbsp red pepper (add less or more depending on your tolerance, I’d recommend starting out with ½ a tbsp)
-       2 cups of pasta
-       2 tbsp Olive oil
-       1/8 cup of butter
-       150 grams cherry tomatoes (Spinach is also a nice addition but you can omit these if you don’t want them in)
-       Salt and pepper to taste





-       Cook the pasta as instructed on the package. I used Penne Rigate and it takes about 11 minutes to cook

-       If your shrimps are frozen, heat up a pan to a medium heat and place your shrimps inside and let them defrost. When your shrimps become slightly pink and are defrosted, transfer them to a plate.

-       Add a drizzle of olive oil to your pan, add the crushed garlic and red pepper flakes and let that sit for a few seconds before adding your shrimps back in.


-       Then add the cherry tomatoes and a bit of Italian seasoning and let that cook for another minutes or so

-       Now you can add the cooked pasta, butter and the remaining of the Italian seasoning to your pan. Make sure that the pasta, seasoning and everything else is well mixed together and you’re done!