Summer Transition: Skincare Edition

Hey Sunshines, while trying to juggle a few things that are happening in my life right now, my blog and instagram have been on the sidelines this month. I did have a few pre-written blog posts but didn't manage to take the photos yet, so now finally I'm posting a few of these. I'll try to get back to your comments and back on instagram as soon as possible! 


Summer is around the corner and despite a few rain showers, HK  has been getting a lot hotter and more humid over the past few weeks. This means, my makeup and skincare routine are in their transition period to get summer ready. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing 3 of my most important skincare switches from the winter to summer season. Also on Tuesday, there will be a similar post dedicated to my makeup switches. 




We’re obsessed with cleansing our skin aren’t we? We cleanse it both morning and night and with dedicated routines. Even if you’re not into skincare at all, the least you will do is use a cleanser. But, have we ever considered that we over cleanse? and that despite a cleanser only remaining on the face for seconds, it is really important which cleanser you use? Over cleansing can lead to a lot of problems, like drying out the skin – or in case of oily skin types – making it a lot more oilier to combat the stripping of the oils. 


In the winter months I like to use a gentle milky cleanser in the morning, because I do like to use overnight masks that need to be washed off. In the summer months, I typically stay clear of cleansers all together in my morning routine and just wash my face with cold water before going in with a toner and other skincare prep. My evening cleansers usually stays the same during both winter and summer months.



A lighter moisturiser

Undoubtable weather plays an important role in your skin type, so for me while being extremely dry in the winter months, my skin changes to dry – normal in the summer months (it can even get slightly oilier when in certain countries). For this reason, it’s always a must for me to have at least two different types of moisturisers during the transition period. Granted, I have more than just two in my arsenal, but I typically just switch back and forth between two to make my life a lot easier. Depending on how my skin is feeling that day, I use a heavier or lighter moisturiser.


Last year, I used the Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion and Gel.  This year, I’m using Avene’s Rich Hydrating Cream and COSRX Oil Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion. I’m still testing the COSRX one, but so far I am really liking it – it’s light weight yet gives me enough moisture throughout the day and wears well underneath makeup. Do note that I use moisturising toners and essences to layer on the hydration. 




Sunscreen is the one skincare category I still haven’t managed to find my personal preference in. I have only religiously started incorporating sunscreen into my routine last year (better late than never right?). This category overall is a bit tricky for me, because there are certain sunscreens that can clog my pores and also a few that clog it in conjunction with other skincare products underneath. Obviously ingredients matter and I am still trying to figure out which specific ones are clogging my pores and cause my skin to dry out and irritate.

I wish it was a lot easier if I could just say chemical sunscreens are the ones that do the harm for me, but some work perfectly with my skin. I found that the Avene Rich Hydrating Cream with SPF is one of the products that clog my pores, while the Laura Mercier Primer with SPF doesn’t do that at all.

So for now, I am using both the Laura Mercier Primer and the Clinique Super City Block as my sunscreen, while testing out a bunch of others in between. 

In the winter months, I only apply a solid layer of sunscreen once in the morning since I'm not out in the sun most of the time, while now I do reapply sunscreen even when I'm inside throughout the day with a spray on sunscreen. I mentioned previously that I do enjoy the Suncut waterproof spray on sunscreen, currently I'm testing a similar one by suncut that has essence in it. This one dries more to a powdery finish so it won't leave my skin looking as oily even when I shake it. It does take around 15 minutes for it to settle into the skin. 


There are a few other personal changes I make with products in my skincare routine, but I only wanted to highlight the most important ones for now. Have you guys started switching your skincare routine already and what are your product switches?