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Quick Review: Soap & Glory, I'm Meme, Aussie, Suncut

I’ve been testing out quite a few products these past few weeks and wanted to do a quick review on a few of them before something else catches my eye I want to review. It's a mixture of different types of products, including a few great finds. 



»  Soap  & Glory Arch de Triump



I remember a few years ago I purchased this and liked the eyebrow shaper side of this duo. It comes with both a brow shaper and a highlighter. After getting another one recently, I remember that the highlighter side was very pink toned and not suitable for me so I don’t really use that side. The brow shaper I still enjoy, but I completely forgot there are little light reflective particles in it, which is not evident when you apply to your eyebrow – only when you swatch it. It gives a very subtle, natural yet defined brow and blends out very easily to make it quick and effortless. I typically use it for days when I need to do my brows quickly and not as precise as the pencil is pretty thick. 

Repurchase? Maybe, I mean I don’t hate it, I wish there was one without the highlighter side, but then again there are so many brow products on the market plus Soap & Glory doesn’t have a store here in HK so it'll be hard to repurchase.



»  I’m Meme – I’m Lip and Eye Primer



I love the concept of this product, both an eye and lip primer in one saves you the hassle to buy them individually. I never tried anything from this Korean brand, so I just got this and I’m not disappointed with my purchase. Is it the best eye and lip primer I’ve ever used? No, the Nars or UD eye primer still perform better as they make the colour of the shadow pop more, but it’s not a really bad eye primer either as the eye shadows on top do last longer than without. I’m not a big fan of the lip primer, it doesn’t moisturise or smooth out my lip like the Mac prep and prime does (this is by far still my favourite lip primer on the market). I haven’t seen too many affordable lip primers on the market, so this could be an option for you, if not then good old lip balm could do the trick and prime your lips.


Repurchase? No, I have both lip and eye primers that perform better and granted they are more expensive, but I don’t mind splurging on them. If you’re on a budget, then this might be an option for you.



»  Suncut – Super Waterproof UV Protect Spray



A few years ago I started realising, oh shit I need SPF in my routine and it was only last year that I really started using it on a daily basis throughout the year. My biggest dilemma was always reapplying SPF, now typically in the winter months I don’t reapply my SPF as I like to make sure I have a good base to start out with and I’m not exposed to the sun as much. In the summer months, it’s a different story. I enjoy being outside and yes this means my spf needs reapplying but I hate reapplying with a powder. When I saw this spray on spf, it was a match made in heaven as I finally could reapply sunscreen on top of my makeup without having to worry. This aerosol can is pretty potent and if you spray it, be aware that you will see a cloud of product lingering in the air for a while. Nevertheless, my sunscreen is reapplied and I’m good to go. If you shake the can before spraying, you will notice that your face becomes very dewy, so I wouldn’t recommend it for those with oilier skin types, but for those with a dry skin types, it gives you a nice overall glow.


Repurchase? Absolutely! I love this product and it has become my favourite way to reapply my sunscreen. I genuinely even like it as a mist throughout the day to give my makeup a pick me up and beautiful glow.


»  Aussie Dry Shampoo Wash + Blow



I haven’t been to the drugstore in a while and to my surprise I found that they started carrying more and more dry shampoo brands. I picked up this Aussie one because a. it isn’t as pricey as the Living Proof dry shampoo is and b. I like the Aussie shampoo and conditioner line. I have mixed feelings about this dry shampoo, I like that it doesn’t leave a white cast whatsoever, but it doesn’t do a great job at removing the oils from my hair. After spraying the product and really working it into my hair, my hair still looks slightly oily but with a bit more volume. This dry shampoo does smell really good though, so I see it more as a volumizing and fragrance spray.


Repurchase? Most likely, it comes in a nice travel friendly size and while it doesn’t remove the oils, it does make my hair smell really good!



That's it for this quick post, have you guys tried any of these brands before? Any favourite products I should try?