Beauty Routine

Summer Transition: Makeup Edition

In follow up of my Summer Transition: Skincare Edition post, I wanted to also write a quick post on my 4 most important makeup switches. When it comes to makeup, I prefer a natural dewy finish but as you might know, a dewy finish isn’t always the most long lasting, especially in the heat.


To top the hot weather, HK has a very humid climate, which means you’re sweating and sticky and you’re constantly in and out of the AC environment and blasting hot sun with smog in your face from the cars and pollution. So switching up a few products / techniques allows my face to look fresh throughout the whole day.



Quality over quantity

The best way to keep your skin and face looking fresh throughout the whole day is just to simply use less product. So for this, it really comes down to finding quality products that pack a punch - meaning find products give you the desired effect with as little amount of actual product as possible.


Waterproof it

Just because summer is around the corner (in most parts of the world), it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank and switch all your products for waterproof formulas. Instead opt for a waterproof sealer. I personally use and love the Make Up Forever Aqua Seal, but I know a few other brands make them as well. I use it for eyeshadows, bronzers, blushes, pencils etc. 



Layer Products

Just like layering skincare is beneficial, layering makeup is as well. Not only can it look more natural, but also last longer. While I don’t always have the time to layer products, I do make the time for it when I have extra long and busy days. To make layering products work for you, it is important to start slowly and use thin layers.


Creams, primers and Setting Sprays

Overall, I prefer creams over powder and emollient creams do have the tendency to slip and slide throughout the day, so I make sure I always use a primer and setting spray (and make sure the creams have a long lasting formula). If you like to wear your hair down, applying just creams to your face can be an issue as they do stick to your face, so applying powder can help with that.



Do you switch your makeup products in the summer months or stick with the same products throughout the year? My skin drastically changes between seasons so for me it’s a must to change both my skincare and makeup routine. Let me know if any of these tips worked out for you!