[ REVIEW ] 3CE Stylenanda Multi Eye Color Palette #Plot Twist

 3CE (3 Concept Eyes) is the beauty brand from Korean fashion label Stylenanda launched in 2009, that houses a large range of fun, innovative and on-trend makeup products. I personally haven’t heard or seen much of them but I do know they are popular in Korea and within the global K-beauty community.


I had no interest in purchasing any makeup items in Korea, especially eyeshadow palettes as I typically hear other bloggers talking about how bad they are. However, I did see some people loving the 3CE eyeshadow palettes. While I was not on the hunt for it, I saw the brand in one of the stores and it caught my eye, so I managed to pick one up. I initially thought I picked up the "all matte" palette but instead grabbed the one containing soft brown matte and shimmery shades.

This palette is part of the 3CE mood recipe collection that contains 3 different eyeshadow palettes. 



“3CE Stylenanda multi eye color palette #plot twist”


Size /  Price : 

9 Eyeshadows (2 matte, 7 Shimmers) –

USA - US$ 43 on 3CE Official Website or US$ 27.70 on Style Korean (Currently discounted, originally $46.17) /
UK - £44 on Amazon *  /
HK - HKD 295.90 on Yesstyle /
R- KRW 38000 at Olive and Young


“-      Seamless Sebum Control – Plant – derived silica efficiently absorbs oil on your eyelids, leaving a crease-, fallout-, and clump-free finish that adheres seamlessly into the skin
-       Glittery Payoff – Synthetic pearl mica pigments create sharper color payoff with more intense shimmer.
-       A harmonious spectrum of colours – 9 Shades blend effortlessly with one another, adding extra dimension with each layer and completing a classy, luxurious eye look.
-       Pure, Translucent Color Payoff – without any typical stuffiness that comes from powder, this eyeshadow imparts translucent and buildable colour, leaving your eyes looking fresh and clear."
Further Information

3CE / Stylenanda Official Website

3CE on Sephora HK

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Each shadow from this palette retails for around US$ 4.70 broken down and the palette is sized similarly to the Mac eyeshadow palette with 9 shades. Those retail for only US$ 32 at around US$3.50 per shadow. Buying this palette in Asia is obviously cheaper, where western brands like MAC are slightly more expensive than in the US.  




The eyeshadows come in a light weight brown plastic palette that is of similar size as the MAC 9 eyeshadows palette. The plastic feels smooth and rubbery and I do like the feel of it.

The eyeshadow pans itself are squared and slightly bigger than the MAC shadow pans, but while the shadows are easier to pick up, this does mean that the powders of the eyeshadows do transfer to one another.




The palette consists of 9 shades – 2 mattes and the rest are shimmers that contain micro glitter.

All swatches have two layers and are taken in natural daylight without image editing besides cropping.

For ingredient break down click here. 



As mentioned I initially thought I picked up the matte palette, so I was a bit disappointed when I opened this up back at home and realised I did pick up the wrong one. However, since it does contain two mattes, it does make it more diverse. Also, the shadows all feel nice and soft despite that they have glitters in them.

The eyeshadows are overall pretty powdery (not to the extent of the ABH Subculture palette, but more than the average). I typically don’t mind this because it’s an easy workaround; and it is, to a reasonable extent, expected from an eyeshadow palette.

The pigmentation in this palette is there and buildable, which is not something you would see often from a Korean branded eyeshadow palette so this was a pleasant surprise. 

These eyeshadows have a long staying power and can last you throughout the day and night, but they will crease if I don't apply an eyeshadow primer on my oily eyelids. 


The Mattes

For the price point, I’m a bit disappointed in the blend-ability of the matte shadows, which makes me happy that I didn’t pick the all matte palette. The shade is beautiful, the pigment is there. But really, one of the most important factors in a matte shadow for me is how it blends, and that just didn’t perform as expected. Sure, it is workable and they aren’t the worst out there but it does take a bit more time to get a nice blended look.


The Shimmers

The shimmers are well, shimmery, and I mean really shimmery and glittery. When picked up on a brush without it being wet, you won’t get the colour payoff immediately, you basically just have glitter particles on your eyes with a hint of colour that you have to build up. When the brush is wet, you do get the colour payoff instantly and a few shades will give you a more foiled look, overall the shimmers are incredibly beautiful.

My issue with the shimmers is the amount of glitter and fall out you get with them (there is actually minimal fall out with the colour pigment itself). If you work with a wet brush, blend it out, the shimmer will get everywhere. Even if you pat it in, you will undoubtedly look like a disco ball afterwards, so eyes first, base later!

Considering that eyeshadows are a bit powdery, the glitter particles will go into your matte eyeshadows, so I do brush the palette clean after application to avoid this. 



Those wanting a neutral glittery, shimmery eyeshadow palette and don't mind cleaning / working with glitter particles.


»  The Concluding Pros and Cons



-     Fall out with glitter, not your everyday / girl on the go palette

-     Price point for what you get

-     Mattes are not as blend able  


-     Shadows are buildable

-     Easy to work with, neutral shades

-     Intense glitter payoff



»  My Overall Thoughts

I don’t think this palette is worth it to me, because of the number of shadows you get in there; the crazy amount of glitter that you get everywhere; and that the matte shades don’t blend as well. For this price point, I could easily get a better eyeshadow palette with more shades in them.


However, if you are one that wants this intense, compact glittery eyeshadow palette then this might be for you. I will still continue to use this on days where I want the glittery, foiled eyeshadow look and I can take my time with my makeup since the shimmery shades are beautiful. 


Have you guys tried this palette or anything from 3CE? I am curious to try more from the brand because the quality is not that bad and they have a range of different colour products.