Maybelline Brand Review


When it comes to a drugstore brand I’ve purchased the most products of in my lifetime, it has to be Maybelline. Their global presence, typically above – average quality products and big endorsement with celebrities has lead me to purchase quite a lot of the brand without even realising it. So with this said, I thought it would be finally time to give my brand review on Maybelline.



»  History



When I think Maybelline, I think two things – New York and their slogan “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline”. I actually have never researched much about the brand, so when doing so for this post, I was surprised to find out that Maybelline wasn’t actually founded in New York – it was founded in 1915 by 19 year old Thomas Lyle Williams from Kentucky.


Thomas had a sister named Mabel who used to mix Vaseline and coal dust amongst other ingredients to apply to her eyelashes. Hence, he got the idea to create an eyebrow and mascara product with drug manufacturers inspired by his sister. It is claimed that Maybelline created the first mascara ever to be produced in America.


After Thomas’s wife died in 1964, he sold the company a few years later to Schering-Plough Pharmaceutical company and after several buys and sells, L’oreal bought Maybelline in 1996. It was only in 2001 that Maybelline changed its branding to Maybelline New York where their headquarters are located.



Maybelline did have some controversy regarding animal testing and it is a controversy that many brands face when wanting to sell in China. In general the L’oreal Group claims that their brands are cruelty – free but that China does test on animals regardless. They do state on their website that they have been working hand in hand with Chinese authorities to change this policy.





»  Face Products



I remember back in the day when the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse came out and it was everywhere on TV with the typical big celebrities endorsing it. Looking back, I’ve actually never purchased that one, but fast forward to today’s day and age, the Maybelline Fit Me line has really dominated the market.


Being that I’m very picky with not only foundations, but face products in general, I’ve never been eager to try out these products from Maybelline because I feared it was lacking quality (besides their concealer, I still love their concealers!). Last year I caved though and bought the Fit Me Dewy + Smooth, which I’ve reviewed here. After having tested both the Dewy + Smooth and Matte + Poreless, I can see what the hype is about when considering the price point and quality. Are they my favourite foundations? No and I won’t be repurchasing them but they are definitely not bad.


In terms of their other face products, I would consider them so – so, some hits and some misses (I find their powder products pretty patchy) but overall Maybelline is not a brand that I would go to for face products other than their concealers.




»  Eye Products



Yes yes, we all know the iconic pink and green mascara tube that could be found everywhere, which really put Maybelline on the map. I recently did a Maybelline Mascara showdown, so a few of their most recent mascaras are reviewed in depth there.


Besides their mascaras, I’m actually impressed with their other eye products. The eyeliners with the curve work great for my eye shape and they make it very practical to hold. The have a range of great eyebrow products and their eyeshadows are not bad. My favourite eyeshadow line by them are their city mini palettes, although the other 12 pan eyeshadow palettes are passes for me. In terms of the brow products, one thing I do have to mention is the shade range and combination, in general, is a bit off. I’ve tried several of these duo eyebrow products and my most recent purchase was this Fashion Brow Duo Shaper with a powder on one side and a pencil on the other. The powder is a lot more ashy brown in tone, while the pencil is straight up grey.


Overall with their eye products, I say you get what you pay for and sometimes a bit better, but rarely a product that is not worthy of its price.



»  Lips Products



I haven’t tried that many Maybelline lipsticks in the past and now only have these four in my collection. The ones I have tried are pretty good and my overall impression is that they are worth it for your money. The Color Jolt Shiny lip paints I bought recently and I’m still on the fence with these, but leaning more towards the bad bin. While they stay on my lips nice and pigmented throughout the day, they are very sticky and do leave a mark whenever I sip on a coffee. Another point deduction goes to the fact that in the beginning a nice pigmented liquid comes out but if you haven’t used them in a while or are near the middle, it’s just clumps of oil. Has anyone else had that or is it just me?!



»  My Overall Thoughts


There is a reason why Maybelline is a drugstore brand that I visit and buy quite often - and that is purely because they have great products at a reasonable price point and are globally available in drugstores. With many celebrities endorsing the brand as well, I can see why it is such a successful company. For this, I do understand that Maybelline is slightly higher priced than other drugstore brands. 


I do have other brands that I love but they don't sell as globally as Maybelline. What are your thoughts on Maybelline? Or do you have other favourite drugstore brands?