5 Days of Dr Jart + "Rubber Mask - Clear Lover, Firming Lover, Moist Lover" & "Shake & Shot - Shaking Rubber Soothing, Luminious Shot"

I remember a while back when I saw Dr Jart masks everywhere on Youtube and Instagram. I’m not a sheet masking type of person, but I love to test out brands that come out with weird / innovative products to try, so I had my eye on these Dr Jart masks for a while. The one thing that stopped me was the price point, they’re pretty expensive for a one time use item and with so many products on the market, I really couldn’t justify spending the cash.


Since Dr Jart is a Korean brand, they were obviously cheaper there and when I purchased them they were 50% off at Boots Korea, WIN. I grabbed the 3 rubber masks and got my hands on the Shake & Shot here in HK (also currently discounted, WIN), so with 5 Dr Jart masks in my stash, I thought doing one each day of the week would be perfect for a post. To avoid it clashing with the benefits of my other skincare products, I used this in the evening after I cleansed and toned my face. Once the mask was done, I merely put a moisturiser on top and called it a day.


Rubber Masks

The Rubber Masks comes in 2 steps - an ampoule that starts off like a white squishy gel and turns into a thicker serum once you warm it up; and a thick rubber (very) delicate mask that you apply over the ampoule.

Once you apply the rubber mask it feels very cooling, but do make sure that there is a thick layer of the ampoule otherwise the mask won’t stick well. There is just enough inside the ampoule pack to cover your face and a bit of your neck and the mask only covers your face (eyes and lip excluding).

Also, you do have to be very gentle and delicate as the rubber mask breaks easily (I don’t see how you could apply this when you have longer nails without it breaking but kudos to you if you managed).

Once it’s on, you can easily glide your fingers over the mask to ensure there are no bubbles and leave it on for about 30 to 40 minutes. I wouldn’t leave the rubber mask on any longer than that because the ampoule can start to dry up, leaving your skin very tight.



Shake and Shot

The Shake and Shot masks consists of an ampoule and what they call a "double trans booster", which is the thicker liquid to make the rubbery peel off texture. This mask is a bit more DIY and messy as you have to pour both of these products into the cup, shake it and apply a thick even layer onto your face with the spatula provided.

While this wasn't mentioned in their description, I would wait at least 30 seconds once the formula is mixed before applying it to your face, otherwise it is still too liquidy and you'll get it everywhere. Once the formula is mixed, you have about 2 minutes to apply this mixture onto you face in a thick layer before it too solid to apply. 

The mask can be left on for about 15 - 20 minutes before you can peel it off, and it already starts to set after about 5 minutes. With any peel off mask, it is really essential to apply the mask evenly and in a thicker layer, because with a thin layer you won't be able to peel it off. 




»  Day 1 – Rubber Mask – Clear Skin Lover

US$ 12 on Collectiveli 

Once the ampoule absorbed nicely into the skin, I noticed that my skin started to become tighter but not by any means drying. The morning after,  I could see the mask had smoothened little blemishes and bumps. They weren’t gone, but they were just slightly toned down. I also noticed that my blackheads on my nose were more prominent, yet my whiteheads on my chin were reduced. While it is a good mask, I wouldn’t repurchase this for its original price as there are many great cheaper clearing masks out there.

Repurchase? Probably not.   


»  Day 2 – Rubber Mask – Firm Lover


US$ 12 on Collectiveli


Once the rubber mask was on, I felt a slight tingling on my face that went away after a few minutes. It didn’t hurt by any means, it was just noticeable. The morning after I noticed a slight lift on my bottom half my face. My double chin is quite noticeable due to my face structure and skin’s thickness, so any product that can reduce that appearance I will obviously love. The rubber mask itself doesn’t actually cover past my chin area, so the lift was noticeable to me as my cheeks were lifted, but the bottom chin area was still the same. I have a few other firming products to try but I wouldn’t mind repurchasing this one again in the future.

Repurchase? Maybe  


»  Day 3 - Shake & Shot – Shaking Rubber Soothing Shot


US$ 10 on Collectiveli


Immediately after I took off this mask, I noticed my skin felt soft and supple. Besides this, there were no significant changes the morning after. It did a really great job at soothing the skin, so I think this mask is great for in the winter when my skin is feeling dry and rough, or in the summer when I’ve been in the sun for a long time. I've never tried a mask like this before, so the first time got a bit messy as I didn't wait a few moments for the mixture to set a bit and it was impossible to apply it with the spatula. When applied, my skin felt nice and cool and after awhile I could feel the mask setting on my face. 

Repurchase? Yes.


»  Day 4 – Rubber Mask – Moist Lover


US$ 12 on Collectiveli


This was by far the mask I was the most excited to try. The ampoule had a fresher scent and after application my skin felt pump, fresh and hydrated. I can see why people love it, but honestly I think it’s overhyped and the regular sleeping mask from Laneige can give you a similar result if you apply a nice thick layer and it’s much more affordable in comparison as you get multiple uses in a jar.

Repurchase? Probably not.  


»  Day 5 - Shake & Shot – Shaking Rubber Luminous Shot


US$ 10 on Collectiveli

I had high hopes that this mask would make my skin glowy, because when I think luminous, I think of a healthy dewy skin. The mask felt very cooling within the first two minutes it was on my face, and after awhile, it felt warm on the inside but when I touched the mask, it was still pretty cold. Once the time was up, I immediately noticed my skin was brightened, not glowy nor dewy. It was as if my skin was a shade or two lighter and you could notice the significant difference between where I applied the mask and where I didn't. The next morning, the difference was a lot less noticeable but my skin was still left brightened. I didn't notice a dewy look to it, but it did feel less dry. 

Repurchase? Maybe


While it was fun to finally try out these masks, I think they are pretty pricey for what they are and I would only be willing to repurchase a few that really worked as a quick fix. There are plenty of other masks that can give you similar results at a better price point or you could splurge on higher end masks like SK II that is basically in the same sheet mask price category. Despite these overpriced masks, I do want to try their sleeping masks that come in a tube and a few other products from the brand. Out of them all, I think the Shake and Shot masks  gave me the best claimed results and are much more affordable. 


Have you guys tried these masks and do you think the price is justified? Also, is it just me or do these faces creep you out a bit instead of looking cute?