H&M Makeup and Brand Review


Hey Sunshines, you may have seen Swedish clothing retailer H&M launch a beauty line back in late 2015 in many Western countries; with other regions following a year or two later. Their impressive launch into the beauty industry contain around 700 products varying from body care to hair and makeup products with two separate lines; a premium one and an eco-friendly line known as “conscious”.


I’m a bit late on hauling H&M makeup and to be honest never really wanted to try it. Not that there is anything wrong with private label makeup, it’s just that H&M is not a beauty brand. Yes, they’re entering this industry impressively but they’re not specialised in it.

From a business perspective, I completely understand that cheap makeup is profitable and a good opportunity for H&M; as the beauty industry makes hundreds of billions per year in sales revenue globally and it’s only expected to grow.

However, from my consumer perspective, I’m expecting that I’ll sacrifice quality and in the end money with brands that are in it for the “fast fashion” and it isn’t their primary field of business.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with affordable brands like Maybelline, Rimmel, Revlon etc. that are specialised in the beauty field and know what quality consumers expect. (Also note, I’m the complete opposite when it comes to every day clothes and shop at H&M for the basics but I do know that they don’t last long, again… that’s what you get with fast fashion)


But here we are, I finally convinced myself to give it a try and see whether the products are on par with what I expected or hopefully better than that. One thing that immediately caught my eye was the diversity in products, they even carried items I never knew existed like a hair primer.


I limited myself to pick only 5 items this time with the main focus on eyes (okay I picked up 6 but I’m not counting the powder puff), if I liked it or was willing to give them another chance I’ll go back and pick up more in the future. So now, let’s finally dive into the products.


Fluid Hues Eye Colour in "Mulberry Mist"

“A silky liquid eye shadow that combines rich colour and a smooth metallic sheen. The lightweight formula glides on easily for lasting, creaseless coverage.” As per H&M UK online store 9 Feb 2018

 US$ 9.99 || GB£ 6.99 || HK$ 79.90  
[Exp. date once opened || 6 M]  

This is the first product I decided to pick up purely because I was in love with the shade, opacity and intensity of the swatch. It has this beautiful cranberry shade with a metallic sheen and swatched very intensely in pigment plus stayed put throughout the day.

However, on the eyes it was so incredibly hard to work with. It is directed that you can sweep the applicator, that is flat and bendable, across the eyelid and you’re done. The first problem I encountered was that too much product was dispensed on the applicator, which made the eyes easily looking wrinkled and textured.

Hence, I’ve tried using it in different ways – brush, fingers, as an eyeliner, you name it and I’ve tried it, I really tried to make this product work. It just didn’t. The product doesn’t blend, layering it would remove the initial layer and too much product causes texture. The best way to use this product is either with one “perfect” sweep using a flat concealer brush or patting it in with your fingers or brush. But even with that, the intensity faded after a few hours.


Would I recommend it?

Obviously not. It isn’t a beginner friendly product plus formula and application wise it’s not worth it. There are many liquid eyeshadows from the drugstore that perform so much better and last longer, so look there instead of H&M.


Infinite Impact Eye Colour in "Desirous"

"A silky eye colour that blends easily for a vivid, velvety finish that applies easily and stays put. Available in a vast range of curated colours and eye-catching effects." As per H&M UK online store 9 Feb 2018

US$ 6.99 || GB£ 4.99 || HK$ 59.90
[Exp. date once opened || 12 M]  

If I remember correctly, there was quite a buzz about this product. The first item that I actually saw, were these eyeshadows and their impressive range of textures and colour. So naturally, I had to pick one up and gravitated towards a satin red undertone shade that could go well with the fluid hues eye colour.


I didn’t swatch it though, which I regretted; because this eyeshadow has more of an orange undertone than what is to be expected from the pan. Taking this aside, it is buildable and they have minimal fall out. They do need work to blend, which is something that can be expected from a more affordable eye shadow. The eyeshadow is pressed in firmly, there was a time I dropped it and it didn’t shatter all over the place, so that is a plus. Lastly, they are more pigmented when applied with a primer, however similarly to the Fluid Hues Eye Colour the colour fades very quickly. When I was doing a look and started with the eyes first, by the time I finished my base the intensity of the shade slightly faded already.  


Would I recommend it?

Only if you’re looking for a particular shade that you can’t find anywhere else. In Hong Kong it isn’t as easy to pick up an affordable single eyeshadow so having this option out there is nice when you want a certain bold shade but don’t want to splurge. For lasting intensity or at least have the colour pop for a few hours, you would need a good performing primer.  Again, there are better singles out there but the colour selection H&M offers is great for an affordable price.


Scintillating Eye Colour in "treasure dust"

"A lightweight liquid eye colour with a sheer formula that showcases a dazzling array of effervescent, next-level glitter. Glides on easily for head-turning, light-catching sparkle." As per H&M UK online store 9 Feb 2018

US$ N/A online || GB£ 6.99 || HK$ 79.90
[Exp. date once opened || 6 M]  

Another liquid eyeshadow caught my eye, this one comes in a tube with lots of glitter in the pigment. I was hooked on buying this after I felt the somewhat whipped texture smoothly glide on my hand, plus it was easy to blend, pigmented at first but could be really sheered out when still wet.


You could either apply this with a brush or your fingers and is much more beginner friendly. I like the fact that it is buildable so that you can truly get the gold shade to show through or put this on top of a different eyeshadow to make it more shimmery and glam. For more of a natural look, you can put a tiny amount on your bare lids to have just a little something there as well.


Dealing with any type of glitter, especially with hooded eyes, it’s best to use glitter glue and some form of mixing medium but if you have neither, this product would work on its own as well with no glitter fall out because of the wet and whipped texture the glitter is in (though lid transfer can be expected). For thicker layers, make sure it is dried completely so it won’t crease and mess up your eye look. 


Would I recommend it?

Glitter isn’t for everyone and it gets messy quickly, hence why I don’t have many products with glitter in them. However, I do think if you want something in your collection that has glitter in it, this is a great affordable and beginner friendly option that isn’t as messy as loose glitter. Plus, it works great if you want to go from a day to night look when you’re out and about.


Soft Kajal Eye Pencil in "pale nude"

"A creamy, highly pigmented eyeliner pencil for the waterline. The soft formula provides easy, blendable application while impressive staying power makes it perfect for hot and humid climates." As per H&M UK online store 9 Feb 2018

 US$ 4.99 || GB£ 3.99 || HK$ 49.50
[Exp. date once opened || 12 M]  

I was in need in of a nude shade eyeliner so picked up this one as well. Again, I didn’t swatch it like I probably should have in store; because it was most certainly not a soft kajal. The formula itself is quite stiff  (stiffer than a MAC Lip Liner), so marketing it as a creamy soft formula is just false.

The eyeliner needs to be sharpened, whether you like that or not, it’s a personal thing I guess. It is pigmented, not as easy to blend and you may need to warm up the pencil on the back of your hand first before applying it to your waterline, and also the colour doesn’t last all too long. I do get watery eyes so fading happens easily but despite that it doesn’t claim to be waterproof, the description of the product does read “perfect for hot and humid climates”.


Would I recommend it?

No, their marketing on this product is way off. The eyeliner didn’t last and it isn’t creamy or soft at all. The shade range on these isn’t as impeccable either so look at different brands for an eyeliner.



Eye Fidelity Primer

"A lightweight, corrective eye primer that adapts to your skin tone, creating a seamless base for eye makeup. The result? Easier application, deeper colors and improved staying power." As per H&M UK online store 9 Feb 2018

US$ 7.99 || GB£ 5.99 || HK$ 69.90
[Exp. date once opened || 18 M]  

The last product I picked up was this eye primer, a boring but necessary product to pick up that can make a world of a difference in your eyeshadow application. With many of the H&M products not panning out the way I wanted them to, this to my surprise was my most favourite product.

The eye primer has a creamy texture with a nude tint to it, whether it adapts to your skin tone I can’t say but it did blend in seamlessly. Also, it made the eyeshadow shade more intense and true to colour. The H&M eyeshadow shade stayed about a few hours longer pigmented when using this primer, however I found that the better-quality eyeshadow you use, the better this product would work as well. Creasing and lid transfer was also kept to a minimum while using this base.


Would I recommend it?

Yes, if you’re on a budget and don’t want to splurge on an eye primer then have a look at this. I haven’t seen many drugstore brands come out with eyeshadow primers and the ones I’ve tried didn’t make that much of a difference. So this was overall a great find.


H&M beauty is impressive and I can see why it’s tempting to buy or at least have your eye on it. I will go back one last time and pick up a few different products in the near future so let me know if there is anything in particular you’d want me to review. The packaging is nicely done and doesn’t look overly cheap, but like I suspected, the quality in many of the products is missing. Because the products are really just a hit or miss, it’s waste of your money finding products that might work. If you’re interested in their beauty products, do your research first and look at the reviews.


Have you tried H&M beauty for? Any favourites or did you across the same issues? 



P.S. Happy Chinese New Year to those that celebrate! Also, I'm a bit behind on catching up with blogs and comments (it may take me a while to reply but am always grateful to read them and talk to you), but will get to them this week x