[ Review ] "Rouge G De Guerlain "65 - Grenade" Lipstick"

Happy Thursday Sunshines! I was going through my lipsticks and found this guy (which I have used and abused quite frequently in the past) and figured why not do a review on it because hey, it’s a luxury item and some might say even a collector's piece.

There was a point in time when this lipstick used to be one of my go to everyday item that was thrown in my bag carelessly, hence all the scratches and damages to the packaging. I started wearing a lot more neutrals over the past years leaving this lipstick a bit neglected. I wanted to get a lot more wear out of it as we slowly transition into the fall months before it expires, but I honestly completely forgot what this felt and looked like. So, a more up to date review on this lipstick for today’s post.  



"65 - Grenade"


Weight/ Price

0.12 oz (3.5 gr) / US$47.70 / GBP 35  / HKD 372.97


Shade Variations

26 shades [All Satin Shades ]

 Claims: Lips are intensely coloured, perfectly smoothed, moisturised and plumped up



So you get around 3.5 grams for this lipstick which is pretty standard but more towards the lower amount of product comparing to other lipsticks. This is a luxurious item, one that is definitely a splurge and thus it’s expensive. BUT naturally, if you would buy such an item, you pay for the packaging, the brand, the luxurious feel that you get every time you swipe a coat of product onto your lips.





SHADe, finish and intensity


All these lipsticks have a high shine with satin finish and come in a variety of colours with either a rosy, purple or brown undertone. I got the shade 65 “Grenade” which may come off a lot more red in some photos, but hints more towards the pink, rosy side in real life. No strong blue undertones making it a lot more soft and subtle than a true red. I find that because of this, it can suit a lot of skin tones.

This shade, in particular, is opaque, not patchy but not as intense as to cover up a beauty mark I have on my lips. It is buildable though.





Oh hello, stunning packaging. I absolutely love this packaging, yes it’s a bit bulky and heavy but it isn’t as if it’s so heavy that you can feel the difference when you carry it in your purse. It must say though that the shape is a bit off but can stand nicely on your vanity. The size itself can be a bit too bulky if you’re carrying around a small purse that needs to fit your wallet, phone etc.

Of course, I have to mention the mirror. I mean, what lipstick comes with a mirror like this? I can see a lot of thought has been put into the packaging itself, hence I can somewhat justify the price tag on this item. The mirror flips open as you pull out your lipstick, leaving you feeling very classy, chic and people staring at you if you pull it out in public.
It has two mirrors in it, the upper one is slightly curved so a bit harder to see yourself in, but the lower one does the job with a flat mirror. They are small though, but good enough to see your lips and do any quick check ups if you need to on the go.

If you're a bit careless with the packaging like I was, it will get scratched and damaged so just be careful and treat it with care. I am in general quite rough and clumsy with products that I use regularly not limited to makeup which is a bad habit I am slowly trying to work on... Points for acknowledging it though? 




I do find that once I wore this lipstick a couple of times now this week that I have a love hate relationship with it. The formula is very creamy and buttery and does indeed feel like you’re applying more of a lip balm than an actual lipstick as it also won’t settle into your fine lines. For folks that have dry lips, this one is a winner.

But with a swipe or two of this lipstick.. it doesn’t really dry down, neither is it transfer proof. So if you’re like me and are sipping on coffee the whole day it will get everywhere. Also, be warned, no lip liner with this lipstick can cause it to smudge onto your face.

I found that the best way to apply this lipstick is not to directly swipe the product onto your lips. Either pat it in or slowly build it up until you get the desired pigmentation. Also, blot your lips with a tissue in between, this way it will create more of a stain and can last you the whole night without budging. It does take a bit of time though, especially if you want the colour to be very opaque but the end result is beautiful. For a quicker alternative, opt for a more sheer option and apply the lipstick just in the centre of your lips and smudge it out with your fingers.

Another drawback I have is more of a personal preference than something formula related. If you create a slight stain on your lips or wear the lipstick for 8+ hours and it slowly starts fading the specs of glitter become more noticeable. It stands out and looks very intense. I haven’t worn high shine lipsticks in a while so it’s something that I’m not used to anymore. This isn’t typically the look I’d go for during the day, but evening times I could perhaps find more pleasure in seeing my lips a bit shinier.

On a final note, the lipstick fades away slowly, doesn’t crumble or anything and just leaves a stain on your lips that will stay there until you remove it with a makeup remover or eat oily food.





Those that like a high shine on their lips, want a creamy formula and don’t mind spending a bit of time to build the intensity. Also, for those that want it as a collection piece although they do have one with the packaging made in collaboration with a jeweller for only a few dollars more called Rouge G Intense Shine Lipstick Rouge Saphir, though am not sure whether the formula is the same 




-       Smudges
-       Bulky packaging
-       Price


-       Packaging
-       Long Wearing
-       Moisturising




All in all, I won’t go for this everyday like I used to, but will wear it more often during an evening out just to make sure it gets the wear time it deserves. I will definitely keep the packaging even if I don’t manage to finish it all up before it expires. If you’re into collecting luxurious lipsticks, I’d say get this over the Louboutin lipstick. Though I have never tried those before, I do prefer this packaging over theirs and it is of course cheaper. Though if you’re looking for a high shine lipstick with a similar shade, there will be plenty in drugstore. Probably not as moisturising but it will save you a lot of money!