Tips on the "No-Makeup" Makeup Look in under 10 minutes

Happy Thursday Sunshines! I’ve been so busy lately that I barely even have time to put on, let alone try new, makeup. Basically, I’ve been completely without makeup for a week or two (that is besides the odd evenings when I have a dinner with friends of course). I had to run some errands today and with a lack of sleep, I needed a quick “pick me up” type of a look. I actually had something else in mind to post today, but figured I would instead post a few tips to achieve a quick under 10 minutes no makeup makeup look for those that are in a rush or prefer a more natural approach to makeup.


Now if I do have the time, my no makeup makeup looks can take forever, purely because I want to conceal everything perfectly and make it look as if it is still my skin but so much better. In this post though, I will go over my personal tips and what have helped me to get a similar effect in a much shorter time. Hope these will help you out a bit!




1.     Moisturiser is your friend

The key to healthy looking skin that doesn’t need a highlighter is moisturiser. Out of all my makeup and skincare items combined, I think moisturiser is the one item I have purchased and tried the most of. I find that a good moisturiser can both illuminate and hydrate your skin without it looking oily. Finding the right moisturiser is such a challenge and really depends on your skin type and climate you live in.


2.     Less is more

Don’t overdo it especially when you’re in a rush. Try using as little product as possible that you can get away with and still be satisfied with your look.


3.     Learn to embrace your imperfections

Here’s the thing – no face is perfect, everyone has their flaws. So instead of covering them up, embrace them on days when you don’t have the time to conceal them. For example, I was just inherited with dark circles under my eyes, even if I managed to sleep for 10 hours and get plenty of rest I still look like a panda. Concealing my eyes can often take a while so instead I focus on concealing just the inner corner of my eyes with a tiny dot of concealer. Once that part is concealed I already look much more awake. That very small amount of concealer had a big impact on how I looked. Thus, less product yet still achieving maximum impact, if you know what I mean?




4.     Spend time on what you want to enhance  

So as I won’t really spend time on covering up my under eyes or even little blemishes on my face, I focus on the areas that I actually like about my face and enhance them. For me, it’s my eyes. I slightly contour them and shape my brows. That way when people look at me, they won’t see the blemish I didn’t conceal, but rather how my brows frame my face and eyes pop. Others might have perfect brows but want to conceal their redness for example. So instead of filling in your brows, you can spend a bit more time on your base.







5.     Use products with a dual function to make your look cohesive  


I guess this last tip will help you save money, space and time. If say, you buy a bronzer, who says you can’t use that as eyeshadow to define your eyes or a lipstick as a cream blush. This saves me a lot of time in the morning as I don’t have to deal with searching where a product is and just tackle two things at the same time. If you do end up using products with a dual function make sure that the shade is right for both places. If you want to go for a natural look, you can’t use a black eyeliner in your waterline and then use it as a lip liner but rather opt for a light brown for example.