8 Products I'll Always Repurchase [ Makeup Edition ]

Happy Monday! It's been raining cats and dogs over here and I'm not feeling the summer at all unfortunately. With the gloomy mood I'm currently having, I thought I'd share something a bit more positive - products that I will always repurchase. These products (to me at least) have stood the test of time and I will always go out to get more if I run out rather than trying something new. While summing up these products in my head, I realised that most products are from the same brand and while I'm not typically one to stick with one brand per se, it does make shopping a lot easier. Anyway, here goes my list ; 


1. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer 


I find it so important to use primer before any make up application, especially when I'm going in a bit heavy. Not only will it make the make up look better but it also acts like a protective barrier between your skin and the make up. I love this primer in particular because it isn't silicone based. On top of that, it hydrates my skin, makes it look healthy and doesn't make my makeup cling on to dry patches. If you're looking for water based primer then definitely give this one ago. I must say though, it doesn't fill in your pores or colour correct or anything like that. Laura Mercier does make a lot of different primers, including ones with SPF but I personally never have tried those and always stuck with the original formula. 


2. Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder 


I love this setting powder because it's so finely mild that it doesn't look heavy on my face and settle into my fine lines depending of course on how much you use and with what other products. It isn't the cheapest powder out there and I still haven't found a good drugstore alternative, but with how little I use and how much product there is inside, it can last me over 6 months with nearly daily use. 


3. Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter 


I never really got the whole strobing trend - I get that people want look luminous, healthy and glowy but one thing I can't seem to wrap my head around is that some people pile on so much glitter and sparkle on the high points of their face that they pretty much look like a disco ball even for a casual look. Especially in the drugstore it's getting pretty hard to find a subtle highlighter that doesn't give me that bling bling effect but just a nice subtle healthy glow. I was a bit hesitant when I first got this highlighter, but after using it, it was perfect. It didn't give me an overly highlighted face with specs of glitter here and there but a nice reflective glow (more like a sheen) in a shade that blended in beautifully with my skin. I don't use highlighter that often, so getting the smaller version was perfect for me.  


4. MAC Lipstick Velvet Teddy 


MAC makes one of the best lipsticks out there in my opinion, in terms of the formula and at their price points. So this list wouldn't be complete without one of my favourite shades - Velvet Teddy. This nude shade has a nice muted pink brown undertone that can be matched with any lipliner or lipstick to create a more vampy or neutral lip. I personally love wearing it with the lipliner "Plum" for a winter vampy lip, or "Whirl" for a more summer wearable dark lip. For a perfect nude, I'll mix it in with the MAC lipstick "Kinda Sexy". 


5.  Mac Fix +


Yet another MAC classic, I wouldn't be able to live without. Especially during the summer where powder is much more emphasised, I use this product more than I'd like to admit. Just to freshen up or tone down the powder, this is another staple product. Plus, the spray on this one is amazing, which I think a lot more companies should focus on rather than solely making the product look pretty. I keep the empty bottles, so that whenever I don't like the sprayer on a bottle, I'll just pour out the contents into the empty Fix + bottle. 


6. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer Custard 


Concealer - one of my favourite make up products. I have two favourites, which are on this list. I love this concealer because of the pigmentation but I must admit that it can be a bit hard to get a lot of the product out thanks to the stopper. Thankfully, I read about a hack - you can take the stopper out with a knife (be careful though, if you're trying this out yourself!) otherwise I'd probably throw away the product half full. If you haven't tried this, give it a go, you will realise how much concealer there is still left inside. 


7. Maybelline Age Rewind 

So, between this concealer and the Nars one, I might probably say that I like this one better for daily use because A. no hassle with the stopper and B. it's much more cheaper and honestly there's not much difference between them except the opacity which you can build up with the Age Rewind. Besides this, the Age Rewind has more of a creamier formula so it doesn't emphasise the fine lines as much. 


8. Mac Face and Body 

If you've read a few of my blogposts you'd probably already know that my all time favourite foundation is the MAC Face and Body, so this comes to no surprise. I have become so picky these days with other foundations not looking natural on my skin thanks to this product, but I will try to make an effort and try out different foundations to see if they can live up to my standards.