8 Tips for Long Lasting Summer Makeup

Hello Sunshines! Summer is definitely the season where I am out more enjoying the sun with some good company. It’s the season where I ditch the heavy makeup and focus more on getting a great tan, great food and amazing cocktails. Nevertheless, I still want, no need, a bit of makeup to get me looking good throughout the day. Plus, I just love playing with makeup.  

Having spent many summers in Asia, with the humid heat combined with the vast amount of pollution, my makeup melted away the moment I walked out the door if I didn't do it well. So,  I’ve learned a thing or two about keeping my makeup in place. Which is something that I wanted to share with you guys so that you don’t have the go through the horrors of your mascara and foundation dripping down your face, quite literally. 'Cause trust me, it’s a terrible terrible look.



1.     Go Light

I always like a fresh natural look for summer where you can see my skin not covered in heavy makeup, so it’s more like a “no makeup” makeup look. So, switching my foundation with a tinted moisturizer, bb cream, or a light water based foundation like the MAC Face and Body or Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua really helps me to get an even skin tone yet keep it light and fresh. The Chanel one has sunscreen in it, so that’s a bonus. For lips, I generally opt for a tinted lipbalm instead of a lipstick to make it look more natural.  



2.     Go Waterproof and Long Lasting

Especially in big cities and humid climates, if you don’t wear waterproof, long lasting or water resistant makeup, you can say bye bye to that entire look you just put on your face. If you don’t own a lot of waterproof or long lasting make up, then invest a good primer and setting spray (which I will get into a bit later). But it’s an absolute must to get a waterproof mascara (and eyeliner if you like to wear an eyeliner), which you can get on any budget. My favourite mascara for this is the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof , it gives me very long natural looking lashes, maintains the curl and stays put throughout the day. I still haven't found an eyeliner that is 100% waterproof and transfer proof, so any recommendations are welcome! 

Waterproof makeup does tend to be a bit drying, so if you have dry skin make sure to moisturise well. Long lasting makeup tends to set itself, so you don’t need to powder unless you’re very oily then you only need a little. 


3.     Build with thin layers

Rather than applying a lot of skincare and makeup in the beginning, go in thin layers with everything you apply. If you start with a heavily moisturized face and apply heavy amounts of cream, it will all just slide off your face in no time. Build up slowly until you get the desired coverage or pigment you want.




4.     Go for cream products

Cream products are great to keep it all looking natural and long lasting. But again, build in light thin layers. Long lasting cream eyeshadows are a fantastic way to get out of the door fast without having to worry about your eyeshadow creasing or looking heavy. The Maybelline 24 hour colour tattoos make for a great summer shadow on its own or as a primer.




5.     Sunscreen and Moisturiser

Naturally if you’re going to be in the sun often, you have to wear a sunscreen. There are plenty of moisturisers that have spf in them to keep your skin protected and moisturised all day long. Definitely go for a light formula if you want your makeup to stay put. If you have dry skin, either use a hydrating mask or thick moisturiser the night before and opt for something lighter in the morning. If you still feel like your skin is dry, then apply your regular moisturizer and sunscreen and wait at least an hour before applying your makeup so that it has time to sink in the skin without affecting your makeup.



6.     Primer and Setting Spray

Instead of having spf in your moisturiser, you can also go for a primer with an spf. Primers will help your makeup stay on longer plus it gives your skin that extra protection from all the makeup you put on your face. If you get very oily either in your t-zone or all over your face, use a mattifying primer wherever you get oily. Be wary though, that your foundation and primers need to go hand in hand otherwise it will ball up up, give you texture and make you look cakey.

Setting sprays are like the final touch to make your make up last. Now I’m not talking about a hydrating spray or something like MAC fix +, because those will only make your make up look more natural and gets rid of a powdered look. I’m talking about the ones that will make your make up budge proof, like the Urban Decay Setting Spray. My favourite setting spray is the Skindinavia finishing spray, but those are pretty hard to get here. The Urban Decay ones are actually made from Skindinavia so that one is more my go to now.


7.     Blotting Papers and Hydrating Mist

Once your makeup is pretty much good to go for the summer weather, you can naturally get pretty oily or feel dry throughout the day depending on your skin type. I always like to carry a hydrating mist and blotting papers just in case. I like L’Occitane Rose 4 Reines Hydrating Face Mist because it smells like roses and it’s easy to carry or just the regular Evian face spray that you can get at your drugstore. For blotting papers, I don’t really have a favourite because I barely use them so I just go for the ones that I have laying around the house.  



8.     Bring your Essentials

I always like to carry a small bag with my makeup just in case anything happens. Because I like to keep everything very light, I don’t bring much, just the things that I might want to touch up on. I always like to carry make up remover wipes and cotton buds, in case anything goes wrong or I want to go for a swim and don’t want to wear makeup.




So these were my 8 tips on keeping your makeup last the whole day during summer. Let me know if these have worked out for you and if you have any other tips on keeping your makeup budge proof this summer.

Cheers, Sam