5 Tips on How To Deal with Combination Skin

Good morning sunshines! Summer is approaching and the humid hot weather in Hong Kong is definitely something I’m not looking forward to. With this, my skin is also becoming oilier in the T-zone although the other parts still remain pretty dry. Dealing with combination skin can be a problem if you don’t know how to maintain it. Over the years, I’ve done much research and many trials and errors and have finally found a few tips and tricks that have worked for me, so hopefully they can work for you too. Naturally, every skin is different and some might be oilier in other areas. Regardless of this, these tips and tricks have worked on many different people I have suggested it to of all ages, so if you’re dealing with combination skin, try a few of these out.

But first things first, the cause of combination skin (or even oily, or dry) is predominantly because of your genetics. While there is nothing you can do about that, you can find the proper products to take good care of your skin rather than making it worse.


1.     Assess your skin

Before you buy any skincare products that say “for combination skin”, assess your face and determine which areas are oily and which are dry. Also have a look at how oily and dry these areas can get. This will really help you to figure out the products you have to use and what type of ingredients are best to deal with certain areas of your face.


2.     Use a gentle cleanser and toner

Use cleansers and toners that contain no fragrance or other harsh chemicals such as alcohol. Look for ingredients that are soothing and can restore your skin. Use a low foaming cleanser and if you get very oily in certain parts, look for no-oil cleansers. I say low foaming, because the amount of foam in your cleanser can strip away too much naturals oil that your dry parts can become worse. Toners are very important to balance your skin pH levels from the water you washed your face with, so definitely don’t forget this step.


3.     Don’t forget the sunscreen and plenty of moisturiser

Whether it’s summer or winter, oily or dry skin, never forget these two. Both sunscreen and moisturisers are key if you want to maintain a youthful look as you age. For sunscreen, I recommend a light formula. As for moisturisers, I generally have a bunch of different moisturisers depending on how my skin is doing and will apply different ones on different parts of my face. However, as not everyone wants / needs a bunch of different moisturisers in their cupboard, go for a gel based moisturiser. A gel based moisturiser is great for the oilier parts of your face and for the dry areas, either treat it with a face oil before applying the moisturiser or layer the moisturiser until those areas get the love that they need.


4.     Use a gentle exfoliator and mask away

Exfoliators are great to remove dead skin cells and for cellular regeneration. The safer way, is to use a salicylic acid exfoliator. Salicylic acid is a BHA that can be less irritating than an AHA so definitely the safer bet. If you have a few minutes to spare in your week, start using masks. Masks are a great way to really treat your skin with the love that it needs. You can use a clay mask to remove all the impurities, sheet mask depending on your skin concern, or my favourite, a water sleeping mask. I generally use a sleeping mask because it’s the easiest and for hydration, because even if you are oily, your skin can still be dehydrated.


5.     Section your face  

All it comes down to is really to section your face and treat the areas different. Even with serums, masks and make up, you can apply products for oily skin on areas that get oily and vice versa for the dry areas. If you don’t want to spend the extra cash on buying two different products, then buy gentle products containing no harsh chemicals.


Now for the products that you can buy, it really depends on you, what your budget and concern is. My previous post on How To Find Your Perfect Skincare Routine can help you with that. My personal favourite is the Aesop Fabulous Face Cleanser because I have more dry skin that I focus on treating than oilier skin and with the different toners, I can balance out my T-Zone area. 

Bones Tip - Carry around blotting papers and a small bottle of a hydrating mist around so you can touch up your face throughout the day. Even on a no handbag day, I like to keep blotting papers in my wallet just in case. 

That's it for today I'm afraid, let me know if these have worked for you and if you need any more info on the above!