My Go To Makeup Brushes

Before I started using makeup on a day to day basis (besides the basic mascara and eyeliner), I barely had any brushes. I’m trying to recall exactly what kind of brushes I had, but to be honest that was such a long time ago, I can’t really remember.

Now I have an abundance of both cheap and expensive brushes that I’ve collected, used and abused. So, I wanted to narrow down my go to brushes for you guys because to be fair, you don’t really need that many. Also, once you buy a (good quality) brush that can give you the effect you want it to and you take good care of it, it will last for years and years... with proper maintenance.

I will only list the ones I use nearly everyday to create a natural make up look. You can also use these brushes for more dramatic looks but I tend to switch the brushes around a bit depending on the makeup look I will go for that day. But, these brushes have stood the test of time and I will always bring them when I’m travelling. Some of these brushes aren't the best I have but I reach for them mainly because I'm used to them and for their size. Oh and on a side note, I took photos before I cleaned my brushes so excuse the fact that they're on the dirty side. 


Nars - #20 Blush Brush

Price ::  US $42 // GBP 32 // HK$ 400 at your local Nars Counter
Type :: Natural goat (80%) and pony (20%) bristles
How I Use it ::  I use this brush on a daily basis for both bronzer and buffing in all the powders together, on a very quick makeup day, I’ll apply my blush with this brush too. 


Sleek - Blush Brush  

Price :: US$12.97 on Amazon // GBP 13.00 for 8 brushes in Superdrug
Type :: Natural and synthetic fibres
How I Use it :: I love just patting blush slightly on with this brush as the bristles are very soft and will give me an even application in one sweep.


Nars – 43 Wide Contour Eyeshadow Brush


Price :: US $32 // GBP 26 // HK$ 290 at your local Nars Counter
Type: Natural goat (80%) and pony (20%) bristles
How I Use it :: Despite that the brush is actually made out of natural hairs, on a day to day basis, I love buffing the edges of my concealer with it. It blends the concealer in flawlessly but just make sure not to have too much product on the brush because it will soak up a lot of the excess. On days with dramatic eyes, I love using this for more precise blending as the brush is angled.


Brush: Unknown (flat concealer brush)

Price :: N/A
Type: Synthetic
How I Use it:: I love packing my eyeshadow to my lids with a flat concealer brush because you can be very precise with it and as the bristles are synthetic you can get a lot of pigmentation out of your brush. Not too sure which brand this brush is from but any flat synthetic and dense concealer brush will do the trick. 


Sleek - Angled Eyeliner Brush  

Price :: US$12.97 on Amazon // GBP 13.00 for 8 brushes in Superdrug
Type: Natural and synthetic fibers
How I Use it :: I have been using this brush for years now to fill in my eyebrows naturally. It doesn’t give you a precise nor heavy application, but that is something I actually look for on a day to day basis. If I do happen to want a more precise application, I’ll use a detailed synthetic liner brush.  


Mac - 217 Tapered Blending Brush


Price :: US $25 // GBP 21 // HK$ 230 at your local MAC Counter
Type :: Goat hair  
How I Use it :: To blend predominantly my transition shade and the shadow on my lids. The hairs are shaped like an oval so it’s great for blending any hard edges out of your shadows.


Mac - 224 Tapered Blending Brush


Price :: US $32 // GBP 23.50 // HK$ 310 at your local MAC Counter
Type :: Goat hair  
How I Use it :: I wouldn’t be able to live without this brush as it’s the perfect fluffy crease blending brush. As I have hooded eyes, there is a larger space between the start of my crease and my eyebrows so by using this brush it blends everything seamlessly together without any patchiness.  


Sleek – Eye Contour Brush

Price :: US$12.97 on Amazon // GBP 13.00 for 8 brushes in Superdrug or Amazon
Type :: Natural and synthetic fibers
How I Use it :: I use this brush to blend some bronzer on the outer part of my lower lash lines to create the effect of bigger eyes in a way and to make sure that my lower lash line is a bit defined.



Obviously I could’ve mentioned a lot more brushes, but to put them in a list like this, tell you that I’m using them on a daily basis and bring them when I travel, would be a lie. Not only do I love these brushes for their actual function, but the size is perfect for when I travel. I bought all my favourite go to Nars brushes in travel size as well and the Sleek brushes came as a travel set so that’s perfect. The only two brushes that I need a long handle for are my blending brushes from Mac because of the little amount of pressure it gives me for blending the shadows out.

Also note I didn’t mention any foundation brush or beauty blender in this post because I don’t use them daily. I will nearly always stick with my Mac Face and Body foundation and apply with my fingers. Even for my concealer I won’t use a sponge because I feel that it soaks too much of the product from my face leaving me to apply concealer in a few layers.

That wraps it up for this post, I hope this guided you a bit on finding makeup brushes for yourself. You don’t need to spend a fortune on so many different makeup brushes as long as you know what you want out of them.