[ Review ] Tarte Treasure Box Collector's Set

Happy Monday Sunshines! When I was in Malaysia recently, I was so surprised to see that they had a Sephora in town, so of course I had to check it out. Being overwhelmed with the amount of products there, I wanted to make sure that I only got the things I couldn’t easily get my hands on in HK. So, of course I had to check out the Tarte section as they don’t sell or ship to HK. I was very intrigued because I’ve heard so many things about the brand but have never been able to get my hands on their products or even swatch them.

I ended up getting only the Tarte Treasure Box not knowing how well it actually performed or swatched, purely because I heard that this year their overall holiday collection is pretty good and with this set I was able to try out multiple items in one. Plus, I did love the packaging, so today, my final thoughts on them as I’ve been playing around with it for a few weeks now.


Tarte Treasure Box Collectors Set



Price : 

USD 59 in Sephora US  || GBP 57 on Tarte's Official Website  || RM 240 in Sephora Malaysia


24 Amazonian clay eyeshadows in new matte & metallic shades
2 Amazonian clay blushes in perk (carnation pink) & wish (watermelon pink)
2 Amazonian clay bronzers in navigate (matte bronze) & excursion (bronze luster)
Amazonian clay highlighter in wanderlust (light champagne)
full-size sex kitten eyeliner
deluxe lights, camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara
tarteist™ quick dry matte lip paint in grand (deep rose)


- Left to Right -   Row 1  :: Utopia, Cloud 9, Bazaar, Awe, Trinket, Tales, Whirl, Scenic Row 2 :: Culture, Craft, Artisan, Palace, Quest, Caravan, Lantern, Wayfarer Row 3 :: Joyride, Odyssey, Souvenir, Adventure, Globe, Emporium, Tempt, Legend

- Left to Right - 

Row 1  :: Utopia, Cloud 9, Bazaar, Awe, Trinket, Tales, Whirl, Scenic
Row 2 :: Culture, Craft, Artisan, Palace, Quest, Caravan, Lantern, Wayfarer
Row 3 :: Joyride, Odyssey, Souvenir, Adventure, Globe, Emporium, Tempt, Legend

-   Eyeshadows -

The palette comes with 12 matte and 12 metallic eyeshadows, though a few of the darker mattes have some glitter particles in them. They’re very pigmented and blend nicely onto the eyes without any skipping or much fall out. Though, I do have to say that some shades are more powdery than others, so tapping the powder off the brush is essential for minimum fall out. For smokier looks, I do recommend to do the eyes first. 

I initially noticed that the palette was divided into warm and cool tones and that many of the shades were actually very wearable without too much colour. Only two or three of the darker matte eyeshadow swatched slightly patchy but nothing too dramatic.

They stay pigmented throughout the day, are very buildable and I’ve overall been loving the shade selection in this palette. Though it isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re into a lot of coloured and vibrant eyeshadows as this palette have any stand out eyeshadow.  

The metallic shades are best applied with fingers but even with a dry brush the pigment is there. I love the versatility of the shadows, where I can create both a simple eye look with only one eyeshadow or I can go very smokey in different tones and create a nice holiday look with it.




-   Face products -

Left to Right : Blush in Perk, Blush in Wish, Bronzer in Navigate, Bronzer in Excursion, Highlighter in Wanderlust, Liquid Lip in Grand, Sex Kitten Eyeliner

Left to Right : Blush in Perk, Blush in Wish, Bronzer in Navigate, Bronzer in Excursion, Highlighter in Wanderlust, Liquid Lip in Grand, Sex Kitten Eyeliner

Left to Right: Layered Products -> Blush in Blush in Perk, Blush in Wish, Bronzer in Navigate, Bronzer in Excursion,

Left to Right: Layered Products -> Blush in Blush in Perk, Blush in Wish, Bronzer in Navigate, Bronzer in Excursion,

blush and Bronzer

All the blushes and bronzer in this palette are pigmented, buildable, blend beautifully and come in two variations, a lighter and darker version so it is easy for customisation. However, the darker bronzer shade does have a little bit of shimmer in it and is a bit more powdery and on the warm side than the lighter bronzer and blushes. Nevertheless, I do love them all and have used them quite frequently. One a final note, the bronzer isn’t suitable for those with very very pale skin unless you’re cautious about the amount of product you have on a brush and yes.. I've definitely noticed that when doing my nose contour -_-. 

The bronzers have a similar, near identical, formula / ingredient list as the bronzers in the limited-edition Tarteist contour palette version III. I couldn’t find a similar Tarte blush that can be compared to the blushes in this palette but they do have comparable ingredients as the Amazonian clay blushes.



In contrast to the other face products, I’m not the biggest fan of the highlight. It feels a bit rougher in contrast to the smooth texture of the blushes and bronzers and doesn’t give that natural finish that I personally look for in a highlight but it doesnt really have blinding shimmer particles in it either. The highlight is buildable, can be used both dry and wet and isn’t necessarily a bad highlight but it just comes down to personal preference. I'm very pick when it comes to highlighters and this just didn't give me what I was looking for. 

Based on the ingredient list, this highlight has a very similar ingredient list as the 12 hour Amazonian Clay highlighter.


The overall face product stayed put the whole day, with and without setting spray, but of course it looked a lot better and more fresh with a setting spray.


-   Hidden treasures -



I’m still on the fence about this mascara, it isn’t my favourite but it isn’t bad either. The formula isn’t the blackest, but doesn’t flake. The wand is quite stiff and somewhat reminds me of the Benefit They’re Real Mascara wand but the Tarte one separates the lashes in a more natural way. The wand on this one is slightly thinner and so it doesn’t transfer as much on my hooded eyelids during application.

Overall, I’ll continue to use this but I won’t purchase the full size when it runs out.



Initially I didn’t really like this eyeliner, it was quite stiff and not as pigmented as I’d like but it is buildable, can be smudged out and has a long staying power. After wearing this eyeliner a few times now, I have come to like it more and more for using it in my waterline and tight lining as the tip is very small. Another major plus is that this eyeliner lasted the whole day, is waterproof and doesn’t smudge on me at all which is the problem that I have with most eyeliners after a few hours, especially on the outer corners of my eyes.


Liquid Lip  

I could have done without the liquid lip but it was a nice touch to have as I know many people like to use liquid lipsticks. The shade is a typical dusky pink that can be flattering on many people, but it isn’t a colour that I’d typically wear. Also, I don’t wear liquid lipsticks as it just sucks the life out my already oh-so-dehydrated and chapped lips. I did, of course, have to test out the formula and as expected it is drying and really emphasised all the lines on my lips but not as drying as many others I've tried and I didn’t need a lip liner as the applicator was very precise. Also, it dried down very quickly and faded away nicely without the crumbling throughout the day.

The liquid lipstick lasted me around 6 to 7 hours with two full blown meals, including indulging in ramen, so I was quite surprised but it did slightly fade away after the first meal and towards the end it was visible that I needed a touch up. 

I wouldn’t purchase the full size and honestly, I probably wouldn’t get much use out of it so I might give this away but if you do like to wear liquid lipsticks this formula might be a nice one to try.



- PRICE - 

For the amount of products that you get in this palette I definitely think that this is worth it, especially if you’re wanting to explore more from the brand like I did. You get in total 32 items making it under US$ 2 per item on average which is really bargain.





I’m really surprised that I love the outer design of this packaging as I normally gravitate towards more modern and sleek looking packaging, like Nars products.

The box itself feels very sturdy, but it is bulky. I personally don’t mind this as it is part of a holiday collection and looks nice on top of my vanity plus it isn’t shaped weirdly so fits nicely in drawers. Opening the box is easy as well and closes with magnets, but another drawback is that you always have to keep the clear plastic eyeshadow shield as the door with the face products will close exactly on top of the darker eyeshadows so the powders can mix if the shield isn’t on there.

I love that the other door has a little compartment where you can keep any other products or brushes that you might want to bring with you. So, despite it being bulky, you do get that extra compartment space that could fit a few small brushes, eyeliners, lipsticks etc. that you normally won’t find in any other palettes.

The last thing about this packaging that I want to highlight is the odd placement of the mirror. It is inside the compartment making it such a weird place for a mirror and not very easy to use. In my opinion, they could've skipped out on the whole mirror all together because in an angle like that, the mirror is pretty much useless. 




While I briefly touched up on the formulas in the previous sections, I do want to mention that I’m overall quite impressed with the quality as I’ve heard in the past a lot of negative reviews when it comes to the Tarte Holiday Collection. I do think that they’ve listened to the customers and made the quality of the products in this palette a lot better.

The products are all cruelty free and made without parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfates and gluten.

One drawback from the overall palette formula is the expiration date. I do take this into consideration with all my makeup products and unopened will last you until late 2019, but once opened will only last you 6 months.

Just like any of my other mascaras, I will throw out the mascara that came with the set within three months, though typically blushes and bronzers can last up to 1 to 2 years so I will keep using those products until that time. Also, I typically keep eyeshadows for about a year, but with proper sanitation.



Those wanting to explore the Tarte brand and opt for more "neutral" toned eyeshadows


- wear test -

10:30 AM 

10:30 AM 

01:30 PM 

01:30 PM 

05:30 PM 

05:30 PM 

10:30 AM 

10:30 AM 

01:30 PM 

01:30 PM 

05:30 PM 

05:30 PM 





-       Products are easy to blend, beginner friendly, wearable shades with some slight pops of colour

-       Packaging: compartment for other products

-       Overall value


-       Packaging: Mirror, eyeshadow protector sheet and bulky packaging

-       A few darker eyeshadows swatched patchy 

-       Expiration Date





Overall, I’m very impressed with the palette and am happy that I’ve gotten so much use out of it. This does make me want to try out more products (when I get the chance to!) and I finally can understand the hype around the brand.

If you’re looking for a holiday palette that is of great value with more than just eyeshadows, I do highly recommend this one!