A Weekly Beauty Day Routine


Happy Saturday Sunshines! As I’m still on holiday and internet access is not the best, I wanted to just do a quick post for the day.  With our busy lives, self care can be a bit hard to maintain sometimes, hence I find one day in the week, typically Sundays, to properly spend a few hours to take care of my body.  


I got into the habit of doing this probably over a decade ago and still keep a ritual like this today, because there are so many benefits to it. Not only does it save me time during the week, but my body will thank me in the future and it’s a way to mentally relax as well.


1.     Plan

I’ll start off by prepping the day before and check what my body needs based on the season and how my body is feeling. I’ll typically do a proper shave the day before as well so that I can start the next day with a full body scrub. If I shave and scrub on the same day, it will irritate my skin so having a day in between is perfect. Also, I will see how my face is feeling so I can lay out the skincare that I need and perhaps get it in store if I’m out of something. Some days it’s to do a proper detox mask and peel, other days it’s just for hydration.


2.     No Internet and no disturbances

The most important thing to start of this beauty routine for me is not to check social media or any type of messages. Despite being well connected through social media channels and checking emails, I find it very easy to leave my phone unattended and not check it constantly throughout the week days, but of course when I hear a notification pop up, I have a tendency to immediately check my messages. However, I’ll leave my phone in another room and put in on silent the moment I’ll start this routine.


3.     Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

I love doing a body scrub as it makes my skin feel super soft. It can be a bit a time consuming to squeeze in a proper scrub during the week, so starting this beauty routine out with a proper scrub is perfect.


4.     Turn on the bath, prep and start with the needed skincare routine

I’ll start off by turning on the hot bath, putting some essentials oils in it or a bath fizz, make a cup of tea (or occasionally enjoy a glass of wine), start my full-on skincare routine and leave my hair conditioner in my hair. I’ll put on a face mask, turn on the candles and watch an episode or two of a show I’m (binge) watching and just mentally not think about anything. This to me, is really my stress-free me time.


5.     Bath in lotion and get ready for the night

Once I’m all clean and finish my bath, I’ll cover myself in a rich body lotion and hydrating moisturiser or sleeping mask, put on long sleeved loose clothing and get ready for bed. I typically do this at night so that the lotion has time to sink into my skin and the next day my entire body feels silky smooth.


6.     Continue with a stress – free night

With my body all clean and my mind at ease, I hate doing anything else for the day, so I turn on the candles in my bedroom and continue to binge watch shows until I really can call it a night. This routine has helped me to speed things up during the week day as I don’t always have the time and energy to do a proper shave, scrub or even mask during the week.


That’s it for this post, do you guys have a beauty day routine or do you do it on a daily basis?