The 5 Levels of Makeup

Happy Friday Sunshines! Can you believe it’s already December?! Just like every year, I get super excited for this month and my whole mood just becomes lifted and super bubbly and yes.. the Christmas decorations have long been hanging around the house already. On top of that, I’m going back to Indonesia and spend a few days, including my birthday, with my parents and childhood friends (always good to catch up with them all since I rarely go back these days) plus I get to start opening my chocolate advent calendar today nomnomnom.. Though considering I’ve slightly been neglecting the gym ever since I got back from the holidays (I made a little vlog on the trip btw so click here if you’re interested!), I do need to watch it a little with the excessive eating and somehow manage to fit in a few sessions before I’m getting the January regrets.


Also, I’m slowly trying to get into the whole beauty youtube thing but I’m so camera shy that I thought by starting to take more selfies included in the blog posts it would make it a lot easier and thus with that, we come to today’s blog post – my five levels of makeup.


You might wonder.. what is this whole “levels of makeup” thing and to be honest I don’t exactly know how it all started but basically, it’s about the amount of makeup you put on your face. My boyfriend and I one day started using it as a code to indicate how long it will take me to get ready, because I’m the worst when it comes to timing (aka I’m always an hour late to the party). So this code that we have going on, makes us understand each other a lot better or better said, in his mind he approximately knows how many minutes it will take me to get ready. As this system has worked so well for us, I’d thought I’d share it with you guys as some inspiration. Of course this whole system just depends on how much makeup you’d personally use and wear and can be completely personalised.




Level 1: Better than nothing

Time: 2 mins
Products Used: Brow Powder, Concealer, Lash Curler
Typically for: Groceries


You know when you have those times when you go outside for a quick grocery shop or whatever it is and you don’t want to wear makeup but feel like you just need that little something something..  well.. for me level 1 is just that. Basically it’s attempting to get some shape in my brows and a little bit of concealer under my eyes, patted in with fingers and very well blended so that it doesn’t need setting, curling my lashes and we’re good to go.



Level 2: The Basics

Time: 5 mins
Products Used: Level 1 + Liquid Highlighter, Tinted Lipbalm, Mascara
Typically for: Going to the movies


Usually on Sundays, I spend the day walking around the neighbourhood grabbing Dim Sum and catching a movie with my boyfriend as our sort of date day and so that’s when I want to look a bit more.. awake and alive if you can even call it that, without putting in the effort. So I simply amp up the level 1 look with a highlight, some tinted lipbalm on my lips and cheeks, and of course a bit of mascara. Oh and these two looks require no brushes except for an angled brush for my brow powder as I’m not keen on using pencils.


Level 3: The Everyday

Time: 10 mins
Products Used: Level 2 + Bronzer, shimmery light bronze eyeshadow, more concealer, setting powder, lip liner and lipstick  
Typically for: Work

This was the “no-makeup makeup” look that I continuously wore when I was working in hotels because it made me look put together, easy to amp up for evenings and took 10 minutes or less which was perfect for those mornings when I needed that extra bit of sleep. If my skin was feeling a little dull, I would use the Mac Face and Body to even out my skin tone slightly but also for that added bit of glow. If my skin was looking alright, I’d just add focus on layering the concealer, lightly setting it and predominantly adding bronzer to shape my face and eyes and the other steps mentioned in the other two levels of course.


Level 4: The Dinner and day events

Time: 20 to 40 mins
Products Used: Level 3 + Foundation, cream products and blush, eyeliner
Typically for: Day Events, Work Events



Level 4 is basically the amped up version of level 3 but I spend a lot more time on the makeup application itself. Meaning, truly layering products, making sure everything is in the right place and blended properly. Also, adding one focus on point, be it the eyes of lips or just making the whole look very cohesive yet still keeping it looking natural. This means, nothing to heavy and perfect for day time events.


Level 5: The Party look a.k.a. youtuber makeup

Time: 45 mins +
Products Used: Basically everything
Typically for: Night time events

I call this look the youtubers makeup, because let’s be honest, most youtubers go all out with their makeup products and application which is something I personally rarely do unless I have special night time events (especially when I get photographed) or on that rare occasion where I go out with my friends to bars and maybe clubs. No scratch that, I haven’t been to a club in years. But anyway, yes, this is basically a look that I’d wear then which takes me forever and tends to look a lot heavier and unnatural (hence, night time makeup) but I do like the whole process of getting ready with a bit of music and glass of wine. Both with this level and a level 4 makeup I’d typically play with different colours and shades so the look always changes but the general getting ready time and process is the same.




So that’s it for this post, I know on camera the first few levels might seem similar but in real life the difference is a lot bigger. I hope you liked it and it gave you some inspiration on how to better communicate with your friends or significant other when getting ready !