Product Empties: Makeup and Skincare

Hello Sunshines! I’ve never done a product empties here on my blog before and figured it would be about time to do one and see whether I’d repurchase the products or not. Thus over the past month or so I’ve tried to remember to keep all my empties. Turns out I do have quite a bit, so for this post, I'll separate it into a "beauty and skincare edition" and a "body care and hair care" edition, the latter will be up next week. 






Benefit Dew the Hoola

Dew the Hoola, a liquid matte bronzer that if I didn’t get it in a set, would have never bought myself. The texture is a slightly thick cream that does blend well but can look patchy at times on top of a specific foundations or moitsurisers. The colour is very orange compared to the original powder bronzer but can make some skin tones look sun kissed.

No. I have tried using this mixed in, underneath and on top of foundation but I just don’t think it’s worth it. The colour is off for my skin tone and it isn’t really worth it. I’d rather buy a foundation that’s slightly darker for a bronzed look or just stick with the powder version.




Benefit Blush in “Dandelion”

I’m not a blush type of person, so finishing this blush made it worthwhile-ish, though this is another item I got in a set and thus is a travel size version. Side note, I dropped it when I was a bit more than half way through so the product shattered everywhere. The blush shade is a beautiful matte warm pink that is buildable but starts out sheer. It’s easy to blend and gives a nice touch of colour on my cheeks.

Maybe. It’s not a blush that I will buy as soon as I run out of it, but then again I rarely buy blushes. I prefer using a lipstick as a cream blush if I do want to wear a bit of colour on my cheeks.  


Product Maybelline Age Rewind

Maybelline makes a few great concealers and this is for sure one of them. While the coverage is not the best, it is perfect for every day; creamy, buildable and easy to blend.

Yes. I doubt I’ll mention this item in my empties again, because I do go through them pretty quickly and always have a back up in several shades.


Product MAC Velvet Teddy

I should really start using other lipsticks in general, but this has just for years been my go to everyday shade. I wouldn’t say it’s the perfect nude for me and can fall slightly more pink on me depending on how tan I am and what my makeup look for the day is, but it’s just this “my lips but better shade” and makes you look put together. I also love to pair this on top of different lip liners depending on how dark I want it to be.  

Yes. Probably the only lipstick that I will always restock and buy as soon as I run low on it.



Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

The cult classic finely mild powder finally finished over more than half a year of daily use. I don’t use a lot, so it can last me quite awhile but with loose powders I do always find that I waste more product by tapping of excess and it just going everywhere.

Yes. Good quality powders are not easy to find here, so though this is a bit on the pricier side, I will always repurchase this whenever I get the chance to since the other alternative loose powders are more expensive.  


Mac fix+

Another staple item for me that makes any powder melt right onto my skin, which is something I’m very picky about as someone with dry skin and an easily powdered look.

Yes. Again, I doubt I’ll mention this in another empties post since I will likely always have it.





L’oreal Micellar Water Moisturizing

I do like this micellar water; it doesn’t irritate my skin and does the job of removing that initial layer of makeup but doesn’t beat my Bioderma Sensiobio. I find that I have to use a lot more product to remove my makeup than other micellar waters I’ve used, but it is on the cheaper side and does a reasonable job at removing my eye makeup. It did finish pretty quickly since I started using this as a quick on the spot brush cleanser instead of using it on my face.

Probably not. I don’t really have an issue with this one but I just prefer my other micellar waters. If for some reason they weren’t available, I’d get a bottle of this.





Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2

I got this in a set with one of the moisturisers I got and was pretty surprised with this. It does sting a little sometimes, I mean it is an exfoliator at the end of the day, so I’m not sure how this would do on sensitive skin. But, it does really work to help moisturise my dry patches.

Maybe. It did help with dry patches and is overall a great addition to my skincare routine and I will most likely pick up another bottle whenever I can but it is not something that I really need on a daily basis.


Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner

A few years ago I stopped using toners, primarily because I didn’t really see the point in them but once I started using them I did notice a difference. The main reason I use a toner now is to really get my pH level balance back from washing my face. I have for a long time been using toners that I got directly from a private label company but since they’re B2B products, they’re not easy to come by. Hence, I’ve been on the hunt for a good toner. I tried this one because I’ve seen many people talk about Simple Skincare but honestly, this toner didn’t really do much. It was nice and refreshing but I didn’t see a noticeable difference.

No, even though it was a cheap toner, I didn’t see a difference so it would be a waste to repurchase.


Clinique Dramatically Different Moistirizing Gel

I love a lot of the Clinique skincare products, they’re not overly priced and get the job done without irritating my skin or giving my breakouts. The moisturising gel is no different and I have repurchased several of this and have back-ups ready. I use both the gel and lotion formula; the gel is more for days when I’m using a heavy moisturising serum, summer days or when I want to sheer out my foundation.



Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream

I got this eye cream awhile back as a free sample upon purchase and man.. I’m really impressed. I have a lot of fine lines around my eyes and not to mention I have hooded eyes that get super puffy in the morning with a lack of sleep or too much sodium intake, so finding a good eye cream is essential to me. This really works wonders to reduce the fine lines around my eyes. Now, obviously it won’t get rid of them and on the more prominent wrinkles you won’t notice a big difference straight away but on the smaller ones and with continuous use, it has reduced and made my wrinkles fainter. To top it off, it works great underneath makeup.  

Yes, I know this is a little pricey but eye creams do last me a long time and I’d rather splurge a little on a good eye cream than a serum or essence


Shiseido Eye Soother

I’ve actually finished this a long time ago but for some reason still had it lying around, I’m also pretty sure they discontinued this since. They might have repackaged it to carry in the Shiseido men’s line (I’m not sure since I can’t find the ingredients on the package). This eye cream really didn’t do much, it is supposed to instantly depuff the eyes and give it a quick fix so it isn’t a product that would benefit you over time but it honestly didn’t do anything at all for my eyes.



Elemis Eyes – Awake Recovery Gel

Similarly to the Shiseido Eye Soother, this really didn’t do anything for my eyes, immediately or in the long run



Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (Click for full review)

This has been my skin saviour for a really long time now. I will always have a back up of this and it will always give my skin that dewy fresh and smooth look I’m going for.

No doubt, always keeping a back up