To Save or Splurge?

Happy Monday Sunshines! The cost of being a beauty lover doesn’t come cheap, especially when you include your skincare products and that makeup, at the end of the day, is perishable. And while the beauty industry continues to boom like never before, we simply cannot afford to buy everything there is or want. So today, a post on what I think is worth the splurge or where you can save your cash. Arguably, you can get everything from the drugstore and don’t need to splurge on anything so these are of course just my personal opinions. Also, I do find that many drugstore brands are raising their prices and are slowly becoming more mid range brands. 










Primer: Save

So granted, my favourite primer is and most likely will always be (dare I say) the Laura Mercier primers but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good drugstore primers out there that you can get for a fraction of the price. If you’re looking for just a hydrating primer that doesn’t need to fill up your pores or make you look matte, then even a good quality moisturiser will do as a primer. Any moisturiser with glycerine works as a great base as well for all skin types.


Foundation: Splurge

Foundation to me, is almost as important, as picking out the right moisturiser. A foundation in the wrong shade or that has a low quality will never give you a flattering look and is a dead giveaway for wearing “too much” makeup even if you didn’t, hence why I always splurge on my foundation. Though I have been testing out a drugstore foundation that I am somewhat impressed with (Maybelline Fit Me Dewy + Smooth review will be out on Wednesday), but more on that later. The main problem that I have with drugstore foundations is the shade range and how heavy it tends to look on my skin. I have for years been using the Mac Face and Body because I prefer a much more natural look and for any areas that need extra coverage, I’ll spot concealer with a heavy duty concealer. This can at times take a bit longer if you're going for a flawless base, but the finish is worth it. 


Brow products: Save

There are plenty of great drugstore brow products out there ranging from tattoo's, pencils, gels etc so you can for sure save on this category. 


Powder: Save if you can

It saddens me in a way that HK doesn’t sell great translucent powders in the drugstore, I’ve always wanted to try the RCMA powder and Coty Airspun powder. As these two especially have been raved about by so many people, I’m pretty sure that they’re great. I don’t have access to them, hence why I use the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder. Though, I have recently been setting my concealer and face with the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder which surprisingly did very well under my eyes and doesn't settle into the fine lines and no creasing.   


Bronzer and Blush: Save

I categorised bronzer and blush together because I find that they’re very similar and the drugstore has so many great options for both, hence save your cash. For products to blend well with whatever you have underneath it, you do have to make sure the formula's work well together. 


Contour kit: Splurge

The drugstore does make great contour powders and creams in terms of formula, but I always find that they’re slightly too warm toned for my skin. I’m not looking for an overly cool toned / grey contour either but a shade that just hits the sweet spot and truly mimics my natural shadow shade. The higher end brands generally nail it with the shades and many have great palettes with multiple shades and various formulas in one. 


Highlight: Save

With the whole strobing trend taking over the internet, the drugstore has really caught on and brought out many amazing highlight formulas and shades (though I still think most of them look the same). I do find that many times it is a bit too intense for me, but even buildable eyeshadows can work as an amazing highlight.   


Concealer: Save

The one product I have to repurchase regularly is concealer, because I go through them so quickly. So this is definitely a save for me, but for heavy duty concealing it would be a splurge since I still haven’t found that one concealer in the drugstore that would give me the coverage I need for a flawless base.  


Eyeliner: Save

The drugstore makes great pigmented eyeliners in various shades and formulas, so you really don’t need to spend a lot on an eyeliner. Though I have yet to find an eyeliner that won’t smudge on me, when worn in the waterline after a few hours, from both the drugstore and higher end brands. I have heard great things about the Victora Beckham x Estee Lauder Eye Kajal but I personally don’t find it worthy to spend $38 on an item like this, especially since I rarely wear eyeliner these days.


Eyeshadow: Splurge on a Palette

When it comes to eyeshadows, pigment isn’t always essential to me, mainly it’s how an eyeshadow blends and colour can always be built. It’s very rare that I’m drawn to an eyeshadow shade or palette from the drugstore because I am always worried about how patchy they will turn out to be, so therefore I always opt for a more higher end palette. 


Mascara: Save

Out of all the categories, I feel the strongest about saving your money on mascaras. More often than not, drugstore mascaras perform much better than higher end ones and I always replace them after 3 months or less since I’m prone to styes.


Lipstick: save

I guess lipsticks are very debatable and it is easily the one thing I like to splurge on but know I don’t need to. The drugstore makes so many great lip products out there, yet there is something about higher end lipsticks that makes me continuously buy them, whether it is the formula or shade. If I were to truly be saving on my make up purchases, I would cut down on buying higher end lipsticks. 


What are your favourite products to save or splurge on? I find that this can be so personal to so many people, but am always curious as to why people would splurge or save on certain items