Product Empties: Body and Hair Care


Happy Friday Sunshines and for those of you that celebrate, hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving dinner! Last week I posted an empties post focused on makeup and skincare, so today I wanted to complete it by doing the empties for my hair care and body care. As much as I love to splurge on skincare and makeup, I hate to splurge on hair care and body care items. I’m not too sure why, but I’ve never really felt the need to buy a shampoo or body lotion that’s give or take over 10 dollars. It’s also probably because I go through several bottles of body lotions, butters etc. in a month, so that can really add up if I were to splurge. When it comes to my hair care, 99% of the time it is in a messy bun, since I absolutely hate having my hair down, and you would only really see me with styled loose hair on that odd occasion when I have events. So anyway, here are my empties!













Body Lotion


Nivea Firming Body Lotion

Anddd my absolute favourite body lotion would be this one right here. Over the years, I have always tried new lotions, but I always, always, end up going back to this one. It’s fast absorbing, quick to apply, light weight but very moisturising, doesn’t leave me with white streaks that I have to spend time to work into my skin and works well on my dry skin for both the winter and summer months. It has the typical Nivea scent to it but isn’t overly fragrant. In terms of the “firming” part, I can’t really say much about that claim, I haven’t noticed a difference. Overall, a great everyday body lotion.

Repurchase? Absolutely, despite me trying out and continuously buying new body lotions, I have learned to just keep a bottle as back up in case the others don’t work out. If you’re looking for a great body lotions, I’d definitely give this one a try.



Nivea Body Lotion Intensive Moisture Dry Skin Repair pH Balance

Despite that this product is meant for dry skin, I felt that this lotion dried out my skin more than the firming body lotion. It also sits on top off my skin for a longer time and doesn’t hydrate enough for me to justify the long-term stickiness of it.

Repurchase? No


Nivea Body Milk Silky Smooth

Another product that I had high hopes for, but did disappoint. It has a much thicker texture and takes a lot longer to work in than the other two body lotions mentioned. This one in particular takes even longer to settle into my skin with white streaks if not massaged in properly than the Dry Repair Body Lotion.

Repurchase? No





In-Shower Body Lotion




Nivea Rich Body In – Shower Lotion

A lightweight cream that is easily applied and washed off with the typical Nivea scent. It hydrates my skin, but not enough for me to go out of the shower and not apply any body lotion. You do have to work these types of lotions properly into the skin before washing it off but if you’re not a fan of that initial stickiness that body lotion can leave, this might be a great option. I personally like to use this only after I shave as my initial moisturiser before going in with my after-shower body lotion to leave my legs feeling extra smooth.

Repurchase? Probably not, I don’t really think this is worth it. I only really got it because it was on sale so there’s that.



Nivea In – Shower Lotion Firming

A slightly thicker cream than the in-shower body lotion above with yellow granules that I guess help to firm the skin. This one is slightly harder to wash off because of the granules that really can stick onto your skin. In terms of the hydration it gives, again, it isn’t enough for me to go without a body lotion.

Repurchase? This one is similar to the one above, I wouldn’t have purchased this if it wasn’t on sale and I do slightly prefer the Rich version more than the Firming one because it is easier to wash off and there is no noticeable difference in the amount of moisturisation it gives.



Spray Ons



I have a love-hate relationship with spray on body lotions and yet for some reason will always buy them. First off, spray ons are usually a lot more expensive than your typical body lotions; you end up wasting quite a bit of lotion if the spray isn’t precise and you would still have to work in the lotion after you sprayed it on so it technically doesn’t really save you that much time. But… it is handy for a lazy day and more importantly I use it to moisturise my back. I mean I can’t reach all parts of my back and my boyfriend isn’t always there after I shower to do it for me, so yeah… it does come in handy.


St Ives Fresh Hydration Lotion Oatmeal & Shea Butter

I’ve never really liked the St Ives Body Lotion range, so it came to my surprise when this spray on body lotion had a nice spray, was easy to absorb into my skin, moisturised and smelled great. It has a  much more liquid texture that is great for a product like this.

Repurchase? Probably but not urgent. If you like a nicely fragrant lotion, then I do recommend this one.


Vaseline Intensive Care Spray moisturiser Deep Restore

In contrast to the St Ives spray on, I prefer the Vaseline Deep Restore body lotion than the spray on. It sprays in a much more wide direction so I finish this product literally in days when I use it all over my body. It is just slightly more hydrating and softening then the St Ives spray.

Repurchase? Maybe, again I prefer the actual lotion form more than the spray on. If I were to choose, I’d prefer the St Ives Spray On over this because of the smell.


SamHodgett_Lifestyle_BBW Haul__8.jpg



Bath and Body Works Sleep Lavender Vanilla Body Scrub

So I did a first impressions on this scrub in a previous Bath and Body Works Haul Post (click here for the link). My final verdict, I did like this scrub but isn’t anything magical. I wouldn’t really think of repurchasing it but it does have a lovely fragrance to it. 

Repurchase? Maybe



Hair Care



Batiste Dry Shampoo, Fresh

I probably won’t mention this one again in any empties post, because I will always have this in my house. My hair does get really oily at the roots if I don’t wash it so dry shampoo has been really a life changer, to not only get rid of that oil but also to give my hair some volume and slight texture. It does leave a white cast that you have to work in; with my dark hair it isn’t the best dry shampoo out there but I haven’t really found any dry shampoo that I like and doesn’t cost a lot. I know they do have a brunette version which used to be my go to, but I just haven’t seen it around in stores here. So if I do use dry shampoo, I typically use it as soon as I wake up and before I put my makeup on and let it settle into my hair so that my hair won’t look greyish.

Repurchase? Yes


Jason Aloe Vera Shampoo

I never really knew how much of a difference shampoo made when it comes to the softness of your hair, I always thought that was the conditioners job. And oh man… was I wrong. I got this shampoo purely because well… A. I needed a shampoo and B. because it was without any harsh chemicals. I didn’t really notice it until this shampoo finished and bought a different shampoo and felt how soft my hair was. This shampoo really made my hair brittle and I just remember it being almost straw like in texture so I am definitely not buying this shampoo again despite it being without harsh chemicals.

Repurchase? No



Jason Aloe Vera Conditioner

In comparison to the shampoo, I do actually like this conditioner. It’s very rich and creamy and does make my hair feel soft (I used the conditioner with different types of shampoo and vice versa to see what made my hair feel so brittle when I realised it was really only the shampoo that caused it).

Repurchase? Maybe



And that’s it for this post. I realised as I was writing this there are a lot of body lotion type of products but that is really the one category in where I continuously try out new products. My skin just becomes very flaky if I don’t use any type of body moisturiser for even a few hours so I go through them very quickly and especially going into the winter months I make sure to put a thicker layer on.


Have you tried any of these?