[ Review ] Uriage Travel Set


Hey Sunshines, so before I went on Holiday I bought the Uriage Travel Set for the trip so that I won’t have to bring all my skincare or transfer it to smaller containers. I’ve never tried anything from the Uriage product line so this was a good way to test out a few of their products.

The set comes with 5 products; a cleanser, scrub, hydrating mist, micellar water and moisturiser. All decent sized and it seemed perfect for a short break, but spoiler alert… I wish I had tried it before I left.


HKD Price $119 available at Watsons
GBP Price £16.13 available on Amazon*




Cleansing Cream


So I thought this cleanser was strictly for your face, but it’s actually an all over cleanser; for your body, hair and face. I’m definitely not a fan of products like this, but It was my fault for not reading the product before I left properly otherwise I would’ve brought a separate face wash.

It’s a foaming lightweight cleanser that did clean my skin, both face and body, but I wouldn’t buy again as it dried out my face and really didn’t benefit my skin type. I think this would work better on people with acne prone or oily skin types. 


Gentle Jelly Scrub


I was quite surprised to find that this “gentle” jelly scrub felt a little rough on my skin. The texture is more like a liquid with small granules in it to exfoliate. I was truly hoping this would smooth out my skin but this product was also a disappointment with the rough texture and no result. 




Thermal Water


I like having thermal water sprays around, especially when I travel and am sitting by the pool or beach, it’s such a quick way to refresh my face and this one did exactly that. I didn’t really notice anything special about this spray, but I do like the mist on it. To be fair, I wouldn’t notice a difference between this one, or the ones from Evian or Avene, which are the two other sprays I generally go for.  





Thermal Micellar Water


I was so glad to have makeup wipes with me after the first day of removing my makeup. This micellar water just wouldn’t take of my eye makeup. It seriously took nearly 15 minutes of soaking my eye lashes in this micellar water to get my mascara off. Despite me using waterproof mascaras, I never had such problems with other micellar water except this one. But, I did feel that this took off my face makeup better than most micellar waters, so it is like a bitter sweet product. Overall, I wouldn’t really recommend this product either, it really isn’t worth it unless you wear the lightest amount of makeup and no mascara.



Light Water Cream


Being that nearly everything else was a disappointment, this was a pleasantly surprising product. Lightweight in texture, fast absorbing and left my skin feeling supple and moisturised and works well underneath makeup. I think people with more of an oily skin type would really like this year around, but for me I would prefer this more in the summer months as I opt for a thicker moisturiser when it gets cold outside. Out of all the products in the set, I would only definitively repurchase a full size of this moisturiser for next summer.



I wished I would’ve tried this set out before I left on holiday, since I was staying in a secluded place I couldn’t go out and just buy the products I needed so I’m so happy to be back home with my beloved skincare products so that I can treat my skin again. My skin has really been acting up since using the cleansing cream and scrub, getting texture and a lot of dry patched so I really wouldn’t recommend them especially if you have dry skin.


On a side note, I managed to minimise the damage on my skin by getting a facial at the spa and with the L’oreal Hydra Fresh Water Plumping Mask (I’ve been testing out this mask for a few weeks now and it’s really great if you’re looking to plump up your skin though can be a tingling, so not ideal for sensitive skin) and the L’oreal Hydra Fresh Anti-Ox Mask In Lotion (another recent find that I have been loving as an essence to hydrate and smooth my skin!).  


The set lastes me throughout the holiday, so about a week and I only have a bit of the Thermal Water Spray left. All in all, the overall travel set was a complete bust for me, I’m so disappointed that I didn’t get to like more of the products but still managed to find a great moisturiser.


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