Rimmel Haul / First Impressions


Happy Friday Sunshines! Following my 5 Ways to Stay Inspired post, I mentioned that Rimmel was finally selling their products at the drugstore, Watsons, in Hong Kong so today, a little mini haul and first impressions post. As they only started selling in store this week, they didn’t have all items in stock yet, so I will definitely be going back later this month to check out a few new products from them.







Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder

Shade :: 003 Peach Glow
Claims :: Up to 5 hours natural shine control, helps minimise the appearance of pores
price: GBP 3.99 / HK$55

I’m pretty sure most people tried or at least have heard of this powder, and for good reason. I used to always have one of these in my makeup kit because it’s just an overall amazing powder especially for the price point, non cakey finish and staying power. It’s been years since I have last used it because well, I didn’t have access to the brand, so I bought one to see if I was going to love it as much as I remembered and yes, it did not disappoint. Even using it underneath the eyes, it didn’t give me any powdery or heavy look. Though, I have to add, I’m not one to bake underneath my eyes, or apply a lot of powder to my face in general because of my dry skin.


Magnif’eyes Double Ended Stay True Eye Shadow and 24 hour Kohl Kajal Liner

Shade :: 003 Queens of the Bronzed Age
Claims :: long lasting formula, waterproof, crease proof, transfer proof
Price :: GBP 6.99 / HK$89.00


I swatched a few of these in the different available shades on the back of my hand, and this eyeshadow shade in particular really stood out to me. It is such a beautiful bronze shade with a sheen and perfect for fall when I go for heavier makeup looks overall compared to the summer months. They have five available duo ended sticks and paired the kohl and shadow colours very well together. I tested this product two times so far, and I can tell you now already that I will be using the eyeshadow part a lot. A nice creamy texture with high pigment, that can be smudged out and once it sets it literally won’t budge, transfer or crease, even on my oily eyelids. You do have to work quickly with them, give or take a minute of play time, and do one eye at a time because it just doesn’t move at all once it sets. The kohl side of the stick has the same staying power and will lasts you all day until you take it off but beware that you don’t push too hard because of the creamy texture. I won’t be using the Kohl side too much though, the shade is very nice but a bit too intense for me, especially on a daily basis. For a night time look, it does make for a beautiful inner corner highlight. Overall, I’m very impressed with this product and to top it off, it’s travel friendly!



The Only 1 Matte Lipstick

Shade :: 750 Look Who’s Talking
Claims :: High Impact Colour, Long Lasting, All Day comfort and wear
price :: GBP 6.99 / HK$85.00

One of the reasons why I love Rimmel is because of their lipsticks. They’re very comfortable to wear, pigmented and are long lasting. My favourites were always the Lasting Finish by Kate Moss, but unfortunately they didn’t sell those. They did have the Moisture Renew, Oh My Gloss Oil Tint and The Only 1 Matte range. Despite that it still feels like 40 degrees Celsius here and there is still no sign of fall yet, I did buy a dark matte lipstick because, well, I’m a sucker for a dark matte lip. Hence I picked up the shade Look Who’s Talking from the Only 1 Matte range. It’s a very pigmented brown shade with a cool red undertone.  I only wanted to get one first to test out the formula as my lipstick collection is getting a little out of hand, but man… I will definitely get a few more shades after having tested this one out. My lips are easily chapped and dry, so I’m very picky when it comes to matte formulas and I will never wear a liquid lip. I always stick with the Mac matte lipstick formulas as they just work, but these are cutting it close to my new favourite matte formula. They’re very creamy, pigmented, long lasting and are not as drying as many other matte formulas. One layer will already do the trick and they are buildable though I don’t really recommend going in with a second layer directly from the bullet, otherwise it will be a lot more dryings and settle into the lines with this darker shade. They are transferable if you don’t blot your lip but after that you’re good to go for the night, and don’t really need to touch up. I haven’t really done the food test with this lipstick yet but am so far liking it. 


Insta Duo Contour Stick

Shade: Medium
Claims: Multitasking texture that will perfectly blend to provide subtle contour shading and strobing effect in one stroke
Price :: GBP 6.99 / HK$89.00

The Insta Duo Contour Stick is another travel friendly product that I’m guessing could be a dupe for the KKW contour sticks, though I have never tried those. They have 3 shades; Light, Medium and Dark with a highlight and contour side. I’m always a bit hesitant to buy contour products from the drugstore because the contour shade is usually a bit too warm toned and the highlight seem too intense to my liking. But hey, I wanted to give this product a fair chance so I did purchase the medium shade. Having tried this product once now, I do like the contour part, it’s nice and creamy and gets you that sculpted look effortlessly. Still though, a tad bit too warm toned but it blends in really well and after that looks like a good contour shade. So for that price point, I can’t really complain and will be using this again. The highlight shade however, is not my favourite but it isn’t bad either.  It isn’t as creamy as the contour shade and though it is subtle which is nice, it does have tiny specs of shimmery particles in it which is a bit off putting for me.


Exaggerate Waterproof Eye definer

Shade :: 262 Blackest Black
Claims :: Soft creamy, intensely pigmented texture and waterproof formula for up to 10 hours long lasting wear
Price :: GBP 3.99 / HK$49.00

This eyeliner has an overall nice creamy formula, that is easy to use and is very pigmented. It can be smudged out with the smudger and has a sharpener for more precise work. It will stay put for awhile but give or take 4 hours and it will smudge on the outer corners of my eyes, if I apply it to my lower waterline. But when applied on top of my lids it’s budge proof and on my upper waterline it makes for an intense lash line that won’t move either. If you’re one to wear an eyeliner in the lower waterline, there are better liners out, but if not it, makes for a good liner that you can rely on. Because there are so many eyeliners out there, it isn’t my favourite but I don’t hate it either.


Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner

Shade: 064 Obsession
Claims: Long Lasting, full volume, colour and definition, soft texture, fine tip
Price :: GBP 3.99 / HK$45.00



I’m really on the fence with this product. It has a very nice creamy texture but will break if you turn it to high up so be careful when using this one. I love the shade, it’s very intense and matte, but a bit drying so not ideal to pair it with another matte lipstick rather a gloss or balm if you’re planning to use it all over your lips. Also, the shape of liner and slanted plastic makes it hard for me to do precision work especially as I can’t turn the product too far up. I prefer a more stiff formula for lip liners so this product is really the most disappointing product I’ve purchased from this haul.







All in all, I’m very happy that Rimmel is finally selling in Hong Kong and can’t wait to try out more of their products.

Have you tried any other their products and have any favourites to share?


Cheers, Sam