[ Review ] Icon Pro Sahara Sunset Palette by Absolute New York

Happy Tuesday Sunshines! Hope you had a great start of the week and lovely weekend. I have been playing around with this palette a few weeks now, so it’s time for a review. I couldn’t really find much about the brand other than that they have a wide variety of products, all very affordable. So before I ramble on any further, let’s get into it.

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[ Review ] Nude By Nature Mattifying Pressed Powder  

Happy Thursday Sunshines! Have you ever heard of the brand Nude by Nature? I haven’t so I was intrigued when I saw it at my local drugstore. They didn’t have that many products in stock so I opted for the mattifying pressed powder. Before I get into the review, here is a bit of info about the brand itself.

Nude by Nature is an Australian brand that launched in 2008 focusing on makeup that’s good for your skin. Their products are made with native Australian ingredients and are 100% cruelty free and PETA certified. They don’t use any synthetic ingredients or preservatives so all their products are without Talc, Silicon, Parabens etc.

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[ Review ] Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser

Happy Tuesday Sunshines! It has been years since I have last used the Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser, so I figured it’s about time to buy a new tub and test it out. I’m pretty sure this was the first ever makeup remover I’ve tried and honestly am not even sure what my thoughts about it were back then. In more recent years, I’ve used the Bioderma Sensibio religiously to remove my makeup at night and while I do still love it, it was time to try something else. So after testing it out for about two weeks now, it’s time for a review.

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Review, Pond's, CleanserSam Hodgett
Rimmel Haul / First Impressions

Happy Friday Sunshines! Following my 5 Ways to Stay Inspired post, I mentioned that Rimmel was finally selling their products at the drugstore, Watsons, in Hong Kong so today, a little mini haul and first impressions post. As they only started selling in store this week, they didn’t have all items in stock yet, so I will definitely be going back later this month to check out a few new products from them.

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5 Tips on How To Deal with Combination Skin

Over the years, I’ve done much research and many trials and errors on how to deal with combination skin. I've finally found a few tips and tricks that have worked for me, so hopefully they can work for you too. These tips and tricks have worked on many different people I have suggested it to of all ages, so if you’re dealing with combination skin, try a few of these out.

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