Hi, I'm Sam. 

Just another girl with a beauty blog and a love for all things beauty, food, travel and design. 

I started out studying and working in the hospitality industry, which go figure, isn't something I was very passionate about. After that, I had an amazing opportunity to work for a skincare and jewellery start up company. That's where I self-taught everything I needed to know about branding and beauty. Turns out that after all these years, my hidden passion are in these fields. So now, I am dedicated to share everything I know with you, from inspiration to hacks. 

As a third culture kid, I lived the majority of my life in The Netherlands and Indonesia which didn't feel much like home to me. So I was determined to find some place that I could call home. After travelling for a bit, I've managed to get comfortable living in Hong Kong. This is the place where I love to pour myself a glass of red wine in the evening, turn on the candles and get cosy on the couch with my better half. 


&& That's pretty much all there is to me. Enjoy wandering around on my blog!